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Yarn v0.19.1

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Mediaelement 3.0.0

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3.0.0 (2017/01/16)

Raw v1.2.0

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Data import

  • Import data from a file dragging it. Supported files: plain texts (CSV, TSV) and Microsoft Excel files (XLSX), JSON files.
  • Load data from URL (VERY experimental, only for websites with cross-origin resource sharing enabled, see here)
  • Parse JSON files (both copying and pasting it or dragging and dropping), load arrays of objects as tables.
  • Stack/unstack your data! If you have the dataset as a matrix, you can easily convert it in a dataset within the RAW interface. See here for more information about stacked/unstacked (or wide/narrow) data.

Data samples

  • More data samples, one example per graph type.

Visual models

  • Added charts categories: charts are now grouped by type (e.g. hierarchies, dispersions, time series…)
  • Added new visual models: Sunburst, Bump Charts, Horizon Chart, Box Plot, Pie Charts, Bar Charts.
  • Improved existing models, adding new options and addressing suggestions provided by users.


  • When a field is mandatory (e.g. hierarchy in treemap), instead of the visualization it will appear the list of the required fields.


  • We changed the license to Apache 2.0. The project remains open-source, and the new licence allows you to reuse the code with any other kind of license.

Apidoc 0.17.3

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  • Template
    • Fix missing lodash dependency. #581
    • Fix hidden optional field.
    • Add check for empty header/footer nav points.

Webpack v2.2.0-rc.7

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  • fix watch flag in config with multiple configs
  • hoist export * from correctly to prevent use before define bug


  • remove some properties which are set to the default value

Node-red 0.16.1

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  • Add colour swatches to debug when hex colour matched
  • Nodes with hasUsers set to false should not appear unused
  • Change hard error to verbose warning if using old node.js level
  • Don't filter debug properties starting with _ Fixes #1117
  • Node logged errors not displayed properly in debug pane Fixes #1116
  • Do not look for existing nodes when checking for wires on paste Fixes #1114
  • -v option not enabling verbose mode properly
  • Add node.js version check on startup

Element v1.1.4

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  • 修复 Input Number 在主动改变绑定值时也会触发 change 事件的问题,#2329
  • 修复 Menu 在启用 router 模式后没有对 $route 变化进行响应的问题,#2391
  • 修复 Menu、Tree 在快速点击时出现展开状态错误的问题,#2354
  • 修复 Input Number 和 Checkbox Group 的 change 事件触发时机,现在主动改变绑定值时不触发该事件。
  • 新增 Input 增加点击图标后的钩子函数属性,#2414
  • 新增 Radio Group 的 disabled 属性,#2411
  • 新增 Tree 增加 accordion 属性,#2408
  • 新增 Form 增加 show-message 属性,#2356
  • 修复 Table 排序点击区域,调整默认排序的 API,#2309 #2405(by @njleonzhang)
  • 修复 DatePicker firstDayOfWeek 在范围类型中无法使用,#2353
  • 修复 DatePicker 初始值为 null 显示 1970,#2388
  • 修复 Table 缺少 filteredValue 属性,#2348
  • 修复 Table 空数据时且存在滚动条时的样式,#2396
  • 新增 MessageBox 的 beforeClose 属性,#2204
  • 修复可过滤的 Select 点击三角图标不显示下拉框的问题,#2389


  • 1.1.3 新增的 default-sort-propdefault-sort-order 属性现在合并为一个对象类型属性

  • Fixed Input Number triggering change event when bound value is changed programmatically, #2329

  • Fixed Menu not responding to $router changing in router mode, #2391
  • Fixed Menu and Tree expanding state malfunctioning when clicked multiple times quickly, #2354
  • Fixed change event triggering mechanism of Input Number and Checkbox Group, now they do not fire when bound value is changed programmatically
  • Added on-icon-click attribute for Input, #2414
  • Added disabled attribute for Radio Group, #2411
  • Added accordion attribute for Tree, #2408
  • Added show-message attribute for Form, #2356
  • Fixed sort clicking area of Table, updated default sorting related APIs, #2309 #2405 (by @njleonzhang)
  • Fixed firstDayOfWeek not working in ranged typed of DatePicker, #2353
  • Fixed DatePicker displaying 1970 when initial value is null, #2388
  • Fixed filteredValue attribute for Table, #2348
  • Fixed scrollable Table's style with empty data, #2396
  • Added beforeClose attribute for MessageBox, #2204
  • Fixed filterable Select not showing dropdown when triangle icon is clicked, #2389

Breaking change

  • The default-sort-prop and default-sort-order attributes added in 1.1.3 are now merged into an object-typed attribute

Melonjs 4.1.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • Audio : updated to latest Howler 2.0.2 (WebAudio resume/seek fixes, and IE related security issues)
  • Audio : added a me.audio.seek function, to change or get the current position of a specific audio clip
  • Core : throw an error message when registering a non valid object in the object pool (i.e. undefined class)
  • Loader : added the possibility to configure path (baseUrl) by asset types.
  • Loader : added a 'crossOrigin' option to enable/allow cross-origin image loading for WebGL
  • Loader : fixed an issue where callbacks were randomly fired twice when refreshing the page (krojew)
  • Loader : reduced memory usage (reduced overlay size for the logo, and prevent from creating the Font overlay in WebGL)
  • Particles : fixed a (huge) performance regression with particle generation / handling
  • Pointer: fixed bug where a device allowing both mouse & touch events would only emit touch events.
  • Pointer: fixed a regression with multi-touch event detection on iOS & Android
  • Pointer: fixed a regression with callback handling & cleaning in the releasePointerEvent function
  • Renderable : fixed a regression in me.Sprite.isCurrentAnimation()
  • TMX : TMX maps and renderers are now fully contained in their own space, and do no pollute me.game anymore
  • TMX : exposed the TMX renderers API and related utility functions to convert tile to/from pixel coordinates
  • TMX : improved API to manage isometric map & coordinates (e.g. vector and shape conversion)
  • TMX : added a simple isometric "tile selector" in the isometric map example
  • TMX : me.Layer.getTile() will now return null if there is no corresponding tile, instead of throwing an exception
  • TMX : added a getRenderer() function to me.Layer that returns the layer TMX renderer.
  • Viewport : added the possibility to define a global transformation to the viewport
  • WebGLRenderer : now properly complain when using NPOT textures, and throw an exception for repetitive ones
  • WebGLRenderer : does not create anymore a default overlay for me.Font drawing, unless required (reminder: me.Font+WebGL = Bad!)

Muse-ui 2.0.0-rc.3

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • dialog 动画方案修改为滑动效果
  • 增加全局配置关闭波纹效果 #234


  • 修复 table 选择无法控制的问题 #240
  • 修复 firefox 下按钮波纹效果无效 #233
  • 修复 circularProgress 影响样式的问题 #238
  • 修复 Pagination 的 pageSizeChange 触发时机问题#223

Quill v1.1.10

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Iview v0.9.15

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • Dropdown 新增 custom 和 visible 属性,可以自定义控制展示逻辑。
  • Input 在 Form 验证时的触发方式 change 的触发时机修改为实时。commit
  • Select 组件:
    • 修复在有分组可搜索模式下,分组内无匹配项时分组标题仍然显示的bug。#186
    • 修复在 Table 内使用时的显示bug。#192
    • 修复在 Modal 中使用,不设置 Select 宽度时展开列表宽度错误的bug。#196
    • 优化在多选可搜索模式下的体验。#182
  • Table 组件:
    • 修复设置高度后,无数据时不显示提示的bug。#194 @rijn
    • 修复设置高度后,表格实际高度小于设置高度时,宽度计算错误的bug。#193
    • 修复设置高度后,有固定列,且不可左右滚动时,固定列高度计算错误的bug。
  • 修复 DatePicker 在 type = 'datetime' 时,在选择时间状态关闭浮层,再次打开选择按钮文案显示错误的bug。#201
  • 优化 Modal 关闭时的效果。#197

Holmes v1.16.2

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Adds install.json to install via eager soon 👍

Node-formidable v1.1.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • Fix DeprecationWarning about os.tmpDir() (Christian)
  • Update buffer.write order of arguments for Node 7 (Kornel Lesiński)
  • JSON Parser emits error events to the IncomingForm (alessio.montagnani)
  • Improved Content-Disposition parsing (Sebastien)
  • Access WriteStream of fs during runtime instead of include time (Jonas Amundsen)
  • Use built-in toString to convert buffer to hex (Charmander)
  • Add hash to json if present (Nick Stamas)
  • Add license to package.json (Simen Bekkhus)

Material-ui v0.16.7

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Jan 15, 2017

A big thanks to the 20 contributors who are making this release possible.

Component Fixes / Enhancements
  • [DropDownMenu] Add keyboard accessibility (#5921) @caesay
  • [EnhancedButton] Remove unnecessary hack, improving overall performance (#5868) @jampy
  • [FloatingActionButton] Fix thin white border (#5881) @ludoviccyril
  • [IconButton] Fix a onTouchStart error (#5833) @oliviertassinari
  • [IconButton] Fix hoveredStyle prop override style prop (#5874) @MattCain
  • [IconMenu] Fix React warning (#5843) @olee
  • [Menu] Add onFocusIndexChange property (#5851) @gabrielmdeal
  • [Menu] Fix support of any type of children (#5904) @oliviertassinari
  • [style] Shorthand syntax for a color object (#5835) @frooeyzanny
  • [style] Fix user-agent all with display flex (#5931) @oliviertassinari
  • [Tab] Allow overriding button style on tabs (#5844) @rhagigi
  • [Tabs] Fix a regression (#5891) @oliviertassinari
  • [Table] Add an integration tests (#5845) @oliviertassinari
  • [Table] Fix TableBody selectedRows state (#5829) @ovaldi
  • [Table] Remove useless padding (#5932) @oliviertassinari
  • [TableBody] Fix row selection re-render (#5905) @dchambers
  • [test] Fix typo in the iOSHelpers.spec.js (#5837) @frooeyzanny
  • [docs] Add payment components to Related projects (#5849) @lorensr
  • [docs] Add showcase for "humorista.org" (#5859) @minas1
  • [docs] Fix broken link (b7d9a373320b49f62e47f4e2e5ca4aa882265904) @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Fix spelling mistake in PropTypeDescription.js (#5883) @Jbarget
  • [docs] Fix typo (#5889) @lucasbento
  • [docs] It is exciting (#5831) @ratson
  • [Tabs] Fix typo in initialSelectedIndex prop description (#5923) @neonray
  • [withWidth] Fix typo in the withWidth.spec.js (#5836) @frooeyzanny
  • [test] Use simpler assert API (e017d365f45b07933e8b896f95d6d1455b666516) @oliviertassinari

Crafty 0.8.0-rc2

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

The second release candidate for version 0.8.0.

Major new features from 0.7.1:

  • Override the default WebGL shaders (#1003)
  • Initial raycast functionality (#1021)
  • Multiple layers of a given type (DOM/Canvas/WebGL) are possible, and they can respond to viewport movement in different ways
  • Static UI layers are now possible
  • A new "Controls" system that makes it easier to wire up inputs to your entities.

Here's the full release notes, and preview documentation is available. (Though you can also see the docs locally with grunt view-api.)

Nuxt.js v0.9.6

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • Add the ability to generate store module with the file API (PR #92), see documentation

Shoutout to @Granipouss for this great feature!


  • Use the { isJSON: true } option for serialize-javascript, which improves the performance of server-side rendering and force the component data to be plain object (better security)
  • enterToClass and leaveToClass has been added in the transition options
  • We can now define transition hooks in the nuxt.config.js- #34 (comment)


  • CSS Modules when building for production (disable extractTextPlugin on the server bundle) (fix #109)
  • Route names for parent routes (fix #119)
  • IE 10 compatibility (fix #93)


  • Upgrade Vue to v2.1.8
  • Upgrade webpack to v2.2.0-rc5, fix #98
  • All dependencies are up to date

Vis v4.18.0

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • Readme improvements (#2520)
  • Babel updates and fixes (#2466, #2513, #2566)
  • Removed dist folder from the develop-branch (#2497)
  • updated and cleaned-up npm dependencies (#2518, #2406)
  • FEAT: Added CodeClimate tests (#2411)
  • FEAT: Added initial Travis-CI support: https://travis-ci.org/almende/vis (#2550)
  • FIX #2500: Replace { bool } with { boolean: bool } (#2501, #2506, #2581)
  • FIX #2445: Fix YUI Compressor incompatibilities (#2452)
  • FIX #2402: make sure a given element isn’t undefined before accessing properties (#2403)
  • FIX #2560: IE11 issue 'Symbol' is undefined with babel-polyfill (#2566)
  • FIX #2490: Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse (#2534)


  • FIX: Removed event oldData items (#2535)
  • FIX #2528: Fixed deleting item with id 0 (#2530)


  • FIX #1911: Fix missing blur edge event (#2554)
  • FIX #2478: Fix tooltip issue causing exception when node becomes cluster (#2555)
  • FEAT: Change styles if element is selected (#2446)
  • FEAT #2306: Add example for network onLoad animation. (#2476)
  • FEAT #1845: Adding example of cursor change (#2463)
  • FEAT #1603 #1628 #1936 #2298 #2384: Font styles, width and height of network nodes (#2385)
  • FEAT: Add pointer position to zoom event (#2377)
  • FEAT #1653 #2342: label margins for box, circle, database, icon and text nodes. (#2343)
  • FEAT #2233 #2068 #1756: Edit edge without endpoint dragging, and pass label in data (#2329)

Timeline / Graph2D

  • FIX: #2522 Right button while dragging item makes items uneditable (#2582)
  • FIX #2538: Major axis labels displaying wrong value (#2551)
  • FEAT #2516: Added followMouse & overflowMethod to tooltip options (#2544)
  • FIX: Fixed tool-tip surviving after item deleted (#2545)
  • FIX #2515: Fixed hover events for HTML elements (#2539)
  • FIX: Timeline.setGroups for Array (#2529)
  • FIX: Error in React example when adding a ranged item (#2521)
  • FEAT #226 #2421 #2429: Added mouse events for the timeline (#2473)
  • FEAT #497: new stackSubgroups option (#2519, #2527)
  • FEAT #338: Added HTML tool-tip support (#2498)
  • FIX #2511: readded throttleRedraw option; added DEPRECATED warning (#2514)
  • FEAT #2300: Added nested groups (#2416)
  • FEAT #2464: Add template support for minor/major labels (#2493)
  • FIX #2379: Fix initial drag (#2474)
  • FIX #2102: Fix error on click for graph2D when no data is provided (#2472)
  • FIX #2469: Fix graph2D render issue (#2470)
  • FIX #1126: Add visibleFrameTemplate option for higher item dom content (#2437)
  • FIX #2467: Fix Range ctor with optional options parameter (#2468)
  • FEAT #1746: Rolling mode (#2439, #2486)
  • FIX #2422: Timeline onMove callback (#2427)
  • FIX #2370: IE10 drag-and-drop support (#2426)
  • FIX #1906: Pass through original hammer.js events (#2420)
  • FIX #2327: Add support to fixed times drag and drop (#2372)
  • FIX: _origRedraw sometimes undefined (#2399)
  • FIX #2367 #2328: Group editable bug (#2368)
  • FIX #2336: Mouse wheel problem on custom time element (#2366)
  • FIX #2307: Timeline async initial redraw bug (#2386)
  • FIX #2312: Vertical scroll bug with groups and fixed height (#2363)
  • FIX #2333: Scrollbar width on browser zoom (#2344)
  • Fixed #2319: Bug in TimeStep.prototype.getClassName (#2335)
  • FEAT #257: Added option to change the visibility of a group (#2315)
  • FEAT: More editable control of timeline items (#2305)
  • FIX #2273: Cannot scroll page when zoomKey is enabled (#2301)
  • FIX #2295, 2263: Issues with vertical scroll and maxHeight (#2302)
  • FIX #2285: onUpdate event (#2304)
  • FIX: Timeline-docs: updated group.content description to show that it can be an element (#2296)
  • FIX #2251: No axis after daylight saving (#2290)
  • FEAT #2256: Timeline editable can override items (#2284)
  • FEAT: Graph2d performance enhancement (#2281)


  • FEAT #2451: Allow pass the color of points in 'dot-color' mode of Graph3D (#2489)
  • FEAT: Improvement for camera 3d moving (#2340)
  • FEAT: Add ability to move graph3d by left mouse button while pressing ctrl key and rotate like before (#2357)
  • FIX: Fixed label disappearing bug for large axis values in graph3d (#2348)
  • FIX: Fixed Grpah3D-docs: Changed "an" to "and" in graph3D docs (#2313)
  • FIX #2274: Graph3d disappears when setSize is called (#2293)
  • FIX: Fixed typo in index.html of Graph3D (#2286)

Node-fetch v2.0.0-alpha.1

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Cropper v3.0.0-alpha

发布于 2天前下载ZIP
  • Removed build event.
  • Renamed built event to ready.
  • Removed event namespace.

    // Before$('img').on('zoom.cropper', handler)// After$('img').on('zoom', handler)
  • Ported code to ECMAScript 6.
  • Dropped IE8 support.
  • Improved event handler for Pointer Events (#824).
  • Improved setCropBoxData method.
  • Fixed a bug of auto crop when replace the image.

Karma v1.4.0

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Bug Fixes

  • browser: filter browser logging by level (35965d9), closes #2228
  • cli: restore shell completion in the npm package (f56b5a5), closes #2351
  • config: add crossOriginAttribute config option (1e465b1)
  • middleware: update Buffer usage (3d94b8c)
  • reporter: do not allow URL domains to span new lines (2c13404)
  • reporter: strip only hostname/port (fbbeccf), closes #2209
  • reporters: cannot read property map of undefined (305df2c), closes #1662
  • server: exit with code 1 when failing due to missing browser (86e2ef2), closes #2403


  • api: add constants to the public api (ee10977), closes #2361
  • api: expose config.parseConfig on the public api (7d2c1ae)
  • client: capture confirm & prompt (3a618b3), closes #694
  • server: add listen address option so that IPv6 and loopback interfaces can be used (8e5bee6), closes #2477
  • web-server: allow overriding of default http module (1e7514d), closes #2424

Ant-design 2.6.3

发布于 3天前下载ZIP
  • Fixed issue introduced in 2.6.2 that Popconfirm is not working. #4606

  • 修复 2.6.2 中 Popconfirm 不可用的问题。#4606

Svg.js 2.4.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Inferno 1.2.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP
  • Passes down context (inferno-create-class)
  • Allows using value as prop when Element is not controlled (core)
  • Fixes hydration appending issue (core)
  • Move to rc-css-transition-group-modern dependency (inferno-compat)
  • Fixes issue with string refs (rc-css-transition-group-modern dependency)
  • Fixes issue with deprecated findNode (rc-css-transition-group-modern dependency)
  • Allows numeric values to be used with devTools (inferno-devtools)
  • Adds validation for server/client markup mismatch (core)
  • Throws validation error if Inferno is initializing too early (core)
  • Allows meta/control clicks for Link (inferno-router)
  • Includes propTypes in infenro-compat build (inferno-compat)
  • Fixes redirect bug when nextTick is not properly shimmed (inferno-router)
  • Deleted deprecated inferno-dom package

Systemjs 0.20.0-rc.4

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Blueprint release-1.6.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

:fireworks: Highlights: external sourcemaps, loading table cells, loading buttons, keyboard-clickable buttons

:book: Latest docs: blueprintjs.com/docs


  • 🌟 Fixed externalized source maps their own files, to reduce bundle size #112
  • Fixed "file.ts is not in the SourceMap" errors #449
  • Fixed set NODE_ENV in build task so external contributors don't have to set the environment variable manually on CircleCI #451

@blueprintjs/core 1.6.0

  • 🌟 NEW: Button and AnchorButton loading prop replaces content with a Spinner and preserves original button width (:tophat: @greglo) #198 screen recording google chrome
  • 🌟 NEW: Button and AnchorButton both support enter and space for keyboard clicking #430
    • a comprehensive study of browser behavior led us to the following semantics:
      • enter clicks the button on key down
      • space clicks the button on key up (and shows a sweet active state while held)
  • NEW: .pt-label, .pt-control, .pt-control-group, and .pt-select now support the .pt-disabled modifier #402, #448image
  • Fixed .pt-progress-bar uses same colors as .pt-spinner (building off last week's #369) #440

@blueprintjs/datetime 1.5.0

  • NEW upgraded to latest version of react-day-picker v3.1 to fix getFirstDayOfWeek #465
  • NEW TimePicker selectAllOnFocus prop selects all the text in each input when focused (default false) #383
  • NEW export Months enum (English-named values for 0-indexed months) #439
  • Fixed DateRangePicker clones initialValue so the month appears correctly #429
  • Fixed DateRangePicker next month logic for December #431
  • Fixed DateTimePicker selected date can be cleared (by clicking it again) #466
  • Fixed TimePicker focus box-shadow #447
  • Fixed use textContent instead of innerHTML when measuring text to prevent potential XSS (:tophat: @winstonhowessc) #457

@blueprintjs/table 1.3.0

  • 🌟 NEW Cell loading prop gives fine-grained control over loading state #435 release-table-loading
  • Fixed Table no longer eats all click events so you can click to move cursor in editable cells #291
  • Changed Greatly reduced total number of DOM event listeners by moving selection interaction component higher in the render tree #291


  • Fixed HTML markup and JS code blocks now have the same font-size #412
  • Fixed Dialog CSS examples scroll under the navbar #450

Dc.js 2.0.1

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

This is the stable release of dc.js.

See the changelog for the latest features and bug fixes.

Galleria 1.5.2

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Taucharts 0.10.0-beta.8

发布于 4天前下载ZIP


  • Fixed facets with UTC time.

Ant-design-mobile 0.9.14

发布于 4天前下载ZIP


  • 修复 Carousel afterChange 不触发问题 #711
  • 修复 RadioItem、CheckboxItem 组件 onChange 事件触发两次问题 #689 #721
  • 修复相关 RN 组件,使之能与最新版 RN 兼容
  • 修复各组件的 TypeScript 类型定义缺失或错误的问题 #667
  • 给 package.json 添加 main 字段,加入错误提示,解决常见上手使用问题 #602
  • 更新 rc-swipeout 依赖,添加更多特性
  • 优化 DatePicker 组件、可以自定义关闭日期选择的弹出框 #639
  • 对 Table、ListView、Radio、Modal、Toast、Carousel 等组件或 demo 做细节优化(含RN)
  • rn-tabs 增加 barStyle 属性,更加方便配置样式 #676

Amphtml 1484265443309

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Version: 1484265443309

  • handle unload (#7001)
  • viewer-integr.js -> amp-viewer-integration extension (#6989)
  • dev().info()->dev().fine() (#7017)
  • Unlaunch ios-embed-wrapper for iOS8 to avoid scroll freezing issues (#7018)
  • Turned on experiment flag (#6774)
  • Unlaunch ios-embed-wrapper for iOS8 to avoid scroll freezing issues (#7018)
  • Add some A4A ad request parameters (#6643)
  • Pixel re-implemented to trigger immediately on visibility (#6988)
  • cron job from @erwinmombay to update size.txt (#6982)
  • Expose move to slide method on slidescroll to enable flim-strip experience (#6914)
  • Let all async gulp tasks return Promise. (#6844)
  • Assorted Bind validator fixes (#7005)
  • Add amp-bind support to amp-video (#6905)
  • Add support for Bind's linked carousels use case (#6797)
  • Allow redirection after submission through AMP-Redirect-To header (#6958)
  • Adding a4a support to TripleLift amp-ads (#6884)
  • Use dots for closure compiling tasks in travis to avoid timeout (#6980)
  • Update link to Custom Elements doc to v1 version (#6975)
  • Introduces logic for A4A Multisize implementation. (#6677)
  • amp-viewer-integration handshake updates (#6845)
  • Reverts #6952 but keep the removal of default-value (#6983)
  • Ad type adverticumv.2 (#6493)
  • Ensure that iframe is fully x-origin for 3p case (#6979)
  • Bind validator (#6665)
  • Added initial version of amp-anlaytics variable filters. (#6560)
  • Proxying the form to call the prototype methods/properties, incl Chrome 45 (#6944)
  • Allow experiments being opted in at document level. (#6938)
  • Scan used extension in HTML head, instead whole document. (#6954)
  • Import Gulp webserver as a middleware into Karma test server (#6937)
  • write out css files to build and dist folders (#6946)
  • amp-bind: Refactor attribute mutation flow (#6779)
  • Allow data-amp-replace on input[type=hidden]. (#6952)
  • Fixing broken carousel snap on master (#6949)
  • Default requireAmpResponseSourceOrigin to true. (#6744)
  • Fixing broken carousel snap on master (#6949)
  • Fix structured return from key signing in a number of negative cases (#6917)
  • Launch amp-playbuzz experiment (#6947)
  • Remove the check of 2 viewport requirement for sticky-ad (#6907)
  • Fixed Carousel Arrow SVGs - Added IE11 Compatible Charset for SVGs (#6920)
  • Add whatsapp to default config for amp-social-share and update pinterest (#6908)
  • Use intermediary AST for Bind expression evaluation (#6840)
  • Merges isDevChannel() and isDevChannelVersionDoNotUse_() to isCanary() (#6803)
  • actually generate ampcontext-v0.js (#6919)
  • doc change on amp-accordion (#6448)
  • Switched from vid to cid for adsense and doubleclick integration with Google Analytics (#6895)
  • add integration test to 3p ad (#6789)

Breakdown by component

adsAdding a4a support to TripleLift amp-ads (#6884)amp-a4aFix structured return from key signing in a number of negative cases (#6917)amp-ad-network-triplelift-implAdding a4a support to TripleLift amp-ads (#6884)amp-app-bannerFixed Carousel Arrow SVGs - Added IE11 Compatible Charset for SVGs (#6920)amp-bindAssorted Bind validator fixes (#7005)Use intermediary AST for Bind expression evaluation (#6840)amp-carouselExpose move to slide method on slidescroll to enable flim-strip experience (#6914)Add support for Bind's linked carousels use case (#6797)Fixing broken carousel snap on master (#6949)Fixed Carousel Arrow SVGs - Added IE11 Compatible Charset for SVGs (#6920)amp-formAllow redirection after submission through AMP-Redirect-To header (#6958)Proxying the form to call the prototype methods/properties, incl Chrome 45 (#6944)amp-lightbox-viewerFixed Carousel Arrow SVGs - Added IE11 Compatible Charset for SVGs (#6920)amp-pixelPixel re-implemented to trigger immediately on visibility (#6988)amp-playbuzzLaunch amp-playbuzz experiment (#6947)amp-selectorAdd support for Bind's linked carousels use case (#6797)amp-social-shareAdd whatsapp to default config for amp-social-share and update pinterest (#6908)amp-sticky-addoc update on sticky-ad (#7016)Remove the check of 2 viewport requirement for sticky-ad (#6907)Fixed Carousel Arrow SVGs - Added IE11 Compatible Charset for SVGs (#6920)amp-videoAdd amp-bind support to amp-video (#6905)amp-viewer-integrationhandle unload (#7001)dev().info()->dev().fine() (#7017)amp-viewer-integration handshake updates (#6845)validatorReverts #6952 but keep the removal of default-value (#6983)See #6948 and #6952. @GregableAllow data-amp-replace on input[type=hidden]. (#6952)Addresses #6948. @Gregable

Npm v4.1.2

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

v4.1.2 (2017-01-12)

We have a twee little release this week as we come back from the holidays.

0.12 IS UNSUPPORTED NOW (really)

After jumping the gun a little, we can now officially remove 0.12 from our supported versions list. The Node.js project has now officially ended even maintenance support for 0.12 and thus, so will we. To reiterate from the last time we did this:

What this means:

  • Your contributions will no longer block on the tests passing on 0.12.
  • We will no longer block dependency upgrades on working with 0.12.
  • Bugs filed on the npm CLI that are due to incompatibilities with 0.12 (and older versions) will be closed with a strong urging to upgrade to a supported version of Node.
  • On the flip side, we'll continue to (happily!) accept patches that address regressions seen when running the CLI with Node.js 0.12.

What this doesn't mean:

  • The CLI is going to start depending on ES2015+ features. npm continues to work, in almost all cases, all the way back to Node.js 0.8, and our long history of backwards compatibility is a source of pride for the team.
  • We aren't concerned about the problems of users who, for whatever reason, can't update to newer versions of npm. As mentioned above, we're happy to take community patches intended to address regressions.

We're not super interested in taking sides on what version of Node.js you "should" be running. We're a workflow tool, and we understand that you all have a diverse set of operational environments you need to be able to support. At the same time, we are a small team, and we need to put some limits on what we support. Tracking what's supported by our runtime's own team seems most practical, so that's what we're doing.


If your package.json, npm-shrinkwrap.json or .npmrc were a symlink and you used an npm command that modified one of these (eg npm config set or npm install --save) then previously we would have removed your symlink and replaced it with an ordinary file. While making these files symlinks is pretty uncommon, this was still surprising behavior. With this fix we now overwrite the destination of the symlink and preserve the symlink itself.

  • a583983 write-file-atomic#5 #10223 write-file-atomic@1.3.1: When the target is a symlink, write-file-atomic now overwrites the destination of the symlink, instead of replacing the symlink itself. This makes it's behavior match fs.writeFile.

    Fixed a bug where it would ALWAYS fs.stat to look up default mode and chown values even if you'd passed them in. (It still used the values you passed in, but did a needless stat.) (@iarna)



  • d76e084 Disable metric reporting for test suite even if the user has it enabled. (@iarna)

Ghost 0.11.4

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Please read the release blog post for more details.

0.11.4 drops support for Node v0.12. For more details about Ghost's Node version support, see: http://support.ghost.org/supported-node-versions/.


  • [New] ✨ Define redirects as JSON file
  • [New] ✨ Make AMP optional
  • [Removed] ⬇️ Drop Node v0.12.x support - Node v0.12 is no longer maintained
  • [Fixed] Import subscribers on database import
  • [Fixed] Fix admin redirect, when using a subdirectory
  • [Security] Expand subscriber email validation
  • [Security] Escape sameAs for structured data
  • [Security] Detect symlinks when uploading themes via the admin panel
  • many dependency updates

You can see the full change log for the details of every change included in this release.

Video.js v5.16.0

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

5.16.0 (2017-01-12)


  • Show big play button on pause if specified (#3892) (b547214)

Bug Fixes


Code Refactoring

  • require videojs-vtt.js via require rather than concat (#3919) (d290db1)