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Electron v1.6.4

发布于 23小时前下载ZIP

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where APIs like webContents.executeJavaScript would failif the loaded page had deleted the Promise global. #8845
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom level would reset incorrectly. #8864
  • Fixed an issue where plugins, like widevine, were not initialized fullywhen a window was created. #8907
  • Fixed a crash when taking heap snapshots. #8926
  • Fixed an error being thrown when calling toString on a remotefunction. #8890
  • Fixed an issue where specifying an object to the Menu.popup API wouldthrow an error if the optional async property was not set. #8974
  • Fixed a crash when quitting the app. #8971


  • Custom V8 snapshots now load correctly. #8926

API Changes

  • Added support for native PDF rendering. #8435
  • Added support for Node integration in web workers. #8852
  • Several NativeImage APIs now support a scaleFactor option liketoDataURL, toBitmap, getBitmap, and toPNG. #8849
  • NativeImage now has an addRepresentation method to build up an imagewith different representations at different scale factors. #8858
  • Buffer objects are now supported over ipcRenderer when using sandboxmode. #8900
  • The remote module is now available when using sandbox mode. #8939
  • Added a clipboard.readBuffer API to read a custom format type fromthe clipboard as a Buffer. #8942


  • Added support for creating segmented touch bar items. #8887
  • Added support for creating scrubber touch bar items. #8910


  • The uploadToServer option to crashReporter.start is now supported. #8883

Grommet v1.3.4

发布于 23小时前下载ZIP
  • Fixed ES6 imports
  • Fixed TextInput with empty suggestions (thanks @monte-hayward for the contribution)
  • Search now correctly invokes onSelect callback when pressing enter (thanks @raphi011 for the contribution)

Bricks.js v1.8.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • Finally fixed a typo that caused a whole range of issues (#25, #26, #30, #32, #33, and #34)
    • Huge thank you to @cpmsmith who caught it in #35
  • Build system has been upgraded
    • dist files (no longer tacked in the repo) have been modernized to support tree-shakers (rollup, webpack2)

Ionic v2.3.0

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2.3.0 (2017-03-22)

Bug Fixes

  • alert: pass id to alert inputs (46fe1ff), closes #10603
  • datetime: don't always disable day values when dayValues is set (eff420f)
  • datetime: move the call to picker.refresh() in generate (58beea3)
  • datetime: respect time limits in hours and minutes (afd99ba), closes #6850
  • datetime: update selectedIndex according to ngModel value (74191c3)
  • infinite-scroll: add event.timeStamp polyfill for firefox (#10752) (53feb3f)
  • picker: initialize the selectionIndex (ba35306)
  • range: update the bar width correctly (b541832), closes #10150
  • range: only activate knob B if range is dual (d538245)
  • scroll-view: do not set initialized until it is enabled (#10817) (56364a0)
  • searchbar: add IE support (05859db)
  • select: make floating labels work for ion-select (8c483f2), closes #10751
  • slides: fix rtl support (e90d692)
  • slides: simulate touch events for query params (#10579) (e191321), closes #10577
  • toggle/checkbox: trigger ui update when using virtalScroll with Angular Reactive Forms (30980b6)
  • virtual-list: make virtual-scroll work with infinite-scroll (999efac), closes #9350 #9722 #9247 #10778
  • virtualscroll: populate the nodes at the correct height (51c398d)


  • alert: add attributes min & max to alert inputs (d666e8b)
  • alert: add attributes min & max to alert inputs of type number (b53219a)
  • infinite: add scroll in opposite direction (#8099) (6918275)
  • infinite-scroll: add waitFor method to InfiniteScroll (84e25a1)
  • overlay: add method chaining pattern to configure overlays (bee75f7)
  • range: add ionFocus and ionBlur events (#10761) (8f310eb)
  • split-pane: support for side=right (963cdcb)

Performance Improvements

  • content: scrollview magic activated on demand (7e9bad5)

Mediaelement 4.0.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

4.0.1 (2017/03/22)

  • Fixed major issues with iOS that prevent the player to be built @ron666

Blueprint release-1.13.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

:fireworks: Highlights: Tabs2 doesn't need kids to be happy, Popover and Table can see clearly now the blur is gone.

:book: Latest docs: blueprintjs.com/docs

@blueprintjs/core 1.13.0

  • 🌟 Fixed blurry Popover issues seem much improved in recent versions of Chrome #394
  • 🌟 Fixed Tabs2 supports undefined children (or absence thereof entirely) #838, #841
  • Fixed Tabs2 supports .pt-large modifier via its own className #799<Tabs2 className={Classes.LARGE} />
  • Fixed disabled, minimal Button background on IE #865

@blueprintjs/datetime 1.11.0

  • NEW DateRangeInput selectAllOnFocus prop (default false) #858
  • NEW DateRangeInput allowSingleDayRange prop (default false) #861
    • these two new props directly mimic their counterparts on DateRangePicker.
  • Fixed DateRangeInput month view does not shift on day hover #853
  • Improved DateRangeInput more intuitive click-to-deselect behavior #856
  • Improved DateRangeInput shows formatted min and max dates in empty fields on focus (#874)
  • ❗️ Changed Deleted DateInput calendar icon button and added rightElement prop (#868)
    • To add the button back, supply a Button element via the new rightElement prop:
    const calendarButton = <Button        className={Classes.MINIMAL}        disabled={/* ... */}        iconName="calendar"        intent={Intent.PRIMARY}        onClick={/* ... */}/>;return <DateInput     rightElement={calendarButton}/>;

@blueprintjs/table 1.10.0

  • 🌟 Fixed blurry table text (due to a recent Chrome bug) #742
  • Fixed className support in Table, Column, and ColumnHeaderCell #641, #690
  • ❗️ Changed TruncatedFormat preformatted prop now defaults to false #763
    • Set preformatted={true} if the cell contents are already formatted as desired; all whitespace and line breaks will be respected.


  • update syntax highlighting: latest TS grammars enables fancier colors #848

Webpack v2.3.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • add stacktrace when calling emitWarning/Error from loader with non-Error value
  • remove extra newline in absolute/relative path validation
  • fix crash in MinChunkSizePlugin

Taucharts 0.10.0-beta.22

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • Scatterplot blinks on cursor move.
  • Legend is not clickable when all items disabled.
  • Same height bars blink when moving cursor.

Hover v2.1.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Ghost 1.0.0-alpha.17

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

This is the seventeenth (and hopefully final!) in a series of weekly alpha builds we'll be releasing as we work towards Ghost 1.0.0.

This release is strictly for development and testing only, and must not be used for production blogs

Note: There is a known bug which won't render error pages, see https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/issues/8126. Will be fixed in the next release.

This alpha contains:

  • 🎨 Lot's of functional updates for our new editor
  • 🎨 Lot's of visual updates for our new editor
  • 🎨 More refactoring for themes and our tests

You can read more about our plans for Ghost v1.0 and the v0.11 LTS version in the lts blog post. There's also more information on the alpha page.

You can see the full change log for the details of every change included in this release.

Nightwatch v0.9.14

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • Upgraded mocha-nightwatch to version 3.2.1

Iview v2.0.0-rc.6

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • Table 的上下文 prop:content 更名为 context
  • 修复 Table 在生产环境时,自定义单元格渲染上下文失效的bug #454
  • iCol 增加名称 Col
  • iForm 增加名称 Form
  • 修复 Input 使用 number 模式时,不能正确返回数字类型的bug
  • Card 增加内部间距 prop:padding @muei
  • Tag 增加 prop:name

Materialize v0.98.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • v0.98.1 (March 21st)
    • Fixed various select bugs on mobile devices
    • Fixed small sideNav overlay bugs
    • Fixed carousel resizing bug
    • Fixed materialbox callback bug
    • Range slider supports keyboard navigation
    • Added XL breakpoint
    • Added Pulse CSS effect
    • Added Feature Discovery component

Gatsby v0.12.39

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • @ahonn noticed we were doing a full clone of Gatsby starters when running gatsby new which is wasteful as we just throw away the git repo. So in #730 he fixed that to just do a shallow clone.
  • @dbismut fixed the default markdown loader to add in a site's prefix/basename to links within markdown. #710

Os.js v2.0.0-88

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

This minor release update brings mostly scalability updates for GUI and applications.


  • Theme: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • GUI: Updated gui-tabs for scalability
  • GUI: Removed overflow for gui-tabs header
  • GUI: Updated gui-icon-view scalability
  • GUI: Updated gui-select scalability
  • GUI: Bugfix for gui-tree-view expansion
  • GUI: Some fixes for small display devices
  • CoreWM: Updated some timeouts for better responsiveness
  • CoreWM: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • FileManager: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • Calculator: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • MusicPlayer: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • Settings: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • Draw: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • About: Updated scalability and responsiveness
  • misc: Updated 'API.createDialog()' usage in some places
  • misc: Updated some event destruction
  • build: Updated watcher
  • build: Updated core task
  • build: Added 'only' option to 'core' task
  • build: Added 'only' option to 'themes' task

Intern 3.4.3

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


This is a bug fix release.

Bugfixes and updates

  • Fixes an error serialization bug when sending suite results from remote browsers
  • Ensures config.benchmarkSuites is an array (#706)
  • WebDriver reporter improvements (#451)

Other changes

  • Use files in package.json rather than .npmignore to build the npm package (#717)
  • Update README and LICENSE to reference JS Foundation

Flatpickr v2.4.7

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • Complete confirmDatePlugin
  • Tweaked dark theme

Tooltipster 4.2.3

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Vux v2.1.1-rc.13

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • [fix] Support Group label styles #1110


  • [enhance] Use gray for cancel text color


  • [fix] Fix not support Number and not reactive #1115


  • [feature] Add slot:right


  • [fix] use export instead of module.exports


  • [fix] fix After the call is not set webkitOverflowScrolling for touch


  • [fix] Fix cannot set empty backText #1109 @erguotou520


  • [fix] 修复 label 宽度不受控于 Group #1110


  • [enhance] 取消文字使用灰色


  • [fix] 修复未响应数据变更的 bug #1115


  • [feature] 添加 slot=right


  • [fix] 修复 import 和 module.exports 混用的问题


  • [fix] 修复 调用后没有设置webkitOverflowScrolling为touch


  • [fix] 修复不能设置返回文字为空 #1109 @erguotou520

Node-sass v4.5.1

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • Fix instructions about rebuilding the binary (@xzyfer, #1885)
  • Add binding.js to Coveralls coverage (@nschonni, #1902)
  • Update request version to avoid npm warn (@arzafran, #1915)
  • Update link for VS 2013 download (@hweeks, #1921)
  • Make binding tests less fragile (@xzyfer, #1929)

- Don't throw when being run on Node 8 (@xzyfer, #1929)

Supported Environments

Windowsx86 & x640.10, 0.12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7
OSXx640.10, 0.12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Linux*x86 & x640.10, 0.12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Alpinex644, 6, 7

*Linux support refers to Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS 5

Amphtml 1490049844672

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Version: 1490049844672

  • Move remote.html existence check before predicate (#8249)
  • Fix isLayoutSupported issue for unupgraded ads. (#8221)
  • Cleanup chunked-amp experiment. (#7361)
  • add parameters for Fusion (#7955)
  • Restrict prerenderComplete to prerenderable elements only (#8220)
  • Clean up sentinel-name-change experiment. (#8205)
  • Skip Old Chrome failing tests (to be fixed soon) (#8208)
  • Service Registration: User Notification (#7872)
  • Make amp-selector mutateElement on user selection (#8211)
  • Disable native snap point in slidescroll (#7966)
  • Send "canary" along with CSI pings (#8142)
  • Add responsive attribute to Sortable AMP ad slots. (#8005)
  • Deactivate document preload for Safari (#8196)
  • Improve the example for inabox visibility tracking. (#8180)
  • amp-bind: Use binary in test fixture (#8170)
  • Remove meta name=amp-access-state tag. (#8198)
  • Move scheduling for font-stylesheet timeout to earlier in the process. (#8175)
  • Skip InOb polyfill for old chrome test (#8194)
  • Get ios version number in platform (#8173)
  • Cache SW: Support Precent Diversions (#7914)
  • Service Registration: Activity (#7860)
  • Fix Old Chrome test failure (#8179)
  • turning amp-auto-ads experiment on (#7684)
  • amp-viewer-integration support string messages from webview (#8165)
  • Service Registration: Variable (#7871)
  • Add fake cookie support to FakeWin (#8143)
  • Configure validator.ampproject.org to not set cookie on ampproject.org (#8169)
  • Ensure that placeholder is not measured until ready (#8160)
  • Avoid Closure removal of bind-validator#URL_PROPERTIES (#8163)
  • Send RTV version number along with CSI pings. (#8111)
  • Add amp-call-tracking to gulpfile (#8161)
  • Fixes broken link for ad-type-custom (#8125)
  • Fix for Index Exchange ad tags to wrap creative in iframe (#8138)
  • Amp-bind: Cleanup removed bindings from bind evaluator (#8079)
  • amp-bind: Support amp-youtube (#8067)
  • Service Registration: Live List Manager (#7876)
  • cron job from @erwinmombay to update size.txt (#8148)
  • Validatorrollup (#8140)
  • amp-bind: Support amp-brightcove (#8068)
  • Cleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)
  • Fix form test flakiness (#8096)
  • Toggle visibility-v3 via flag (#8123)
  • Send RTV version number along with CSI pings. (#8111)
  • add ext generator to whitelist of cdn check (#8119)
  • Service Registration: Document State (#7857)
  • Blacklist default CDN domain from appearing in source code. (#7717)
  • InOb polyfill trigger new added element w/o tick (#8100)
  • Ensure that critical vsync tasks run when rAF is disabled. (#7639)
  • Update project governance. (#7668)
  • Avoid amp-img srcset selecting a smaller image if it will look unacceptably distorted (#8055)
  • Revert to the old prerenderComplete reporting to re-baseline monitoring (#7996)
  • Service Registration: Vsync (#7873)
  • Notes on ini-load implementation (#8093)
  • Cleanup amp-form-var-sub and amp-form-var-sub-for-post experiments (#8050)
  • Analytics: visibility triggers for docs and embeds (#7655)
  • Disallow relative origins for amp-nexxtv-player (#8086)
  • Add accessibility suggestion to PR template (#7976)
  • amp-bind: Validate duplicate expressions on each binding (#8032)
  • Amp-bind: Rearrange grammar rules and regenerate parser (#8046)
  • Monitor zero-dimension viewport (#8061)
  • Updated the Annotate Function declarations using lowercase 'function' instead of 'Function' (#7747)
  • defer amp-image-lightbox build (#5601) (#7699)
  • Service Registration: XHR (#7875)
  • Fix JSE error variable (#8058)
  • Add validation rules for amp-facebook-comments extension. (#8045)
  • Extension amp-facebook-comments (#7629)
  • Assert valid URL (#8043)
  • Remove unhandled code "setFlushParams". (#7817)
  • Improve the iframe resize example page. (#8041)
  • Fix test failures (#8049)
  • Add empty amp-sortable-table component (#8029)
  • Service Registration: Instrumentation (#7870)
  • Service Registration: Cid (#7859)
  • Cleanup 'link-url-replace' experiment (#7969)
  • Nexxtv player extension (#7816)
  • amp-bind: Remove BindValidator.canBind (#8033)
  • Removing step to add a label (#8039)
  • Amp-Video Bind Integration Test (#7727)
  • Distinguish installing a service and creating it (#7839)
  • Remove typo in Nokta amp-ad documentation (#8027)
  • Fix for Index Exchange ad tags to render creative in 'c' div rather than document body (#8013)
  • amp-bind: Turing machine and game examples (#7742)
  • Amp-Selector Bind Integration Test (#7725)
  • add generator code (#7986)
  • New ad network: sunmedia (#7367)
  • cron job from @erwinmombay to update size.txt and size.csv (#8015)
  • Always collapse sticky-ad (#7832)
  • Add data-ad-client parameter check to isValidElement, ensure client formatted properly (#7977)
  • Analytics: fix rect for ini-load scoping in FIE and inabox (#7973)
  • Pass ampcontext file path down on iframe name with other attributes. (#7610)
  • Update how creative agencies can get involved (#7687)
  • amp-auto-ads: preventing ad injection inside disallowed ancestors (#7948)
  • add raru=1 parameter (#7951)
  • Amp-Img Bind Integration Tests (#7721)
  • Revert to the old prerenderComplete reporting to re-baseline monitoring (#7996)
  • Fix link to DEVELOPING.md in ads/README (#7945)
  • Consolidated frame attribute assigning. (#7841)
  • Add TOC to CONTRIBUTING.md (#7988)
  • Add TOC to E2E guide (#7989)
  • Restrict prerenderComplete signal to only prerenderable elements (#7961)
  • Prototype: Quick, dirty implementation of ad lightboxes (#7934)
  • Clarify param naming - data-param (#7958)
  • Text and Amp-Carousel Bind Integration Tests (#7637)
  • Tighten URL parsing rules for ipv6 addresses (#7941)
  • Support for bind expressions in mustache templates (#7602)
  • Fix up links in DEVELOPING.md (#7944)
  • Viewer integration: rewrite error message to indicate request name (#7923)

Breakdown by component

adsFix for Index Exchange ad tags to wrap creative in iframe (#8138)amp-a4aClean up sentinel-name-change experiment. (#8205)amp-accessRemove meta name=amp-access-state tag. (#8198)Validatorrollup (#8140)amp-access-laterpayRemove meta name=amp-access-state tag. (#8198)Validatorrollup (#8140)amp-accordionValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-adFix isLayoutSupported issue for unupgraded ads. (#8221)update some owners files (#8181)Validatorrollup (#8140)Notes on ini-load implementation (#8093)amp-analyticsSkip Old Chrome failing tests (to be fixed soon) (#8208)Skip InOb polyfill for old chrome test (#8194)Fix Old Chrome test failure (#8179)Validatorrollup (#8140)Cleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)Toggle visibility-v3 via flag (#8123)InOb polyfill trigger new added element w/o tick (#8100)rename OWNER.yaml to OWNERS.yaml (#8105)Updating support for Adwords Conversion tracking (#8047)amp-animValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-animationCleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)amp-apester-mediaValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-app-bannerValidatorrollup (#8140)temporary owners in place of mkhatib (#8106)amp-audioupdate some owners files (#8181)Validatorrollup (#8140)amp-auto-adsValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-bindamp-bind: Use binary in test fixture (#8170)Avoid Closure removal of bind-validator#URL_PROPERTIES (#8163)Amp-bind: Cleanup removed bindings from bind evaluator (#8079)amp-bind: Support amp-youtube (#8067)Validatorrollup (#8140)amp-bind: Support amp-brightcove (#8068)Add OWNERS for amp-bind (#8118)Update amp-bind docs (#8062)amp-brid-playerValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-brightcoveValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-bind: Support amp-brightcove (#8068)amp-call-trackingAdd self to OWNERS file of amp-call-tracking extension (#8166)Add amp-call-tracking to gulpfile (#8161)Validatorrollup (#8140)amp-carouselValidatorrollup (#8140)add moar owners (#8135)Cleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)amp-dailymotionValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-dynamic-css-classesValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-experimentValidatorrollup (#8140)amp-facebookClean up sentinel-name-change experiment. (#8205)amp-fit-textCleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)amp-formFix form test flakiness (#8096)temporary owners in place of mkhatib (#8106)rename OWNER.yaml to OWNERS.yaml (#8105)Cleanup amp-form-var-sub and amp-form-var-sub-for-post experiments (#8050)amp-google-vrview-imagerename OWNER.yaml to OWNERS.yaml (#8105)amp-izleseneDocs: Update availability text to stable for amp-izlesene (#8153)Cleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)amp-nexxtv-playerUpdate amp-nexxtv-player.md (#8081)Disallow relative origins for amp-nexxtv-player (#8086)amp-pinterestCleanup level1 -amp-element classes (#8130)amp-selectorMake amp-selector mutateElement on user selection (#8211)add moar owners (#8135)amp-sticky-adClarify that amp-ad script is required for sticky ad (#8131)amp-videoadd moar owners (#8135)amp-viewer-integrationamp-viewer-integration support string messages from webview (#8165)amp-youtubeamp-bind: Support amp-youtube (#8067)validatorRemove meta name=amp-access-state tag. (#8198)This tag isn't used by amp-access, so remove it from the test files and validator.Configure validator.ampproject.org to not set cookie on ampproject.org (#8169)This was by accident, sorry.

Looks like this is the way to set the cookie domain to none, as opposed toauto which is probablly what's setting it to ampproject.org.


Jquery.mmenu v6.0.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Scrape-it 3.3.1

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Updated the project badges. Added information about how you can support my projects (Bitcoin address, Amazon wishlist). :open_book:

Plotly.js v1.25.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP


  • Double click handler on legend items to isolate 1 traces / group on graph[#1432]


  • Use signed distance fields (SDF) method to render heterogeneous scattergltraces improving performance [#1398]
  • Improve first-render performance in scattergl traces by only creatingvisible objects [#1444]
  • Use color-rgba instead of tinycolor2 to convert plotly color definitions toWebGL buffers improving performance for gl3d and gl2d traces [#1443]
  • Bump uglify-js minifier to version 2.8.12 [#1450]


  • Fix 3D trace ordering on visibility toggle [#1466]
  • Fix gl2d trace ordering on visibility toggle [#1444]
  • Fix autorange routine for bar traces [#1475]
  • Fix shapes and images referencing a missing subplot [#1481]
  • Ensure array attributes can be restyled in all situations [#1488]
  • Fix XYZ-column-to-2D-z convert routine for columns containing nulls [#1491]
  • Fix range slider display when anchored to log axes [#1472]
  • Make sure all trace types can be deleted from range sliders [#1472]
  • Let the parcoords object tree be garbage collected on restyle [#1479]
  • Bring back support for histogram colorscales (bug introduced in 1.21.3)[#1500]
  • Support all axis types for clicktoshow annotations [#1497]
  • Fix 3D margin relayout calls (bug introduced in 1.24.1) [#1494]
  • Fix relayout when trying to update empty axis containers (bug introduced in1.24.0) [#1494]

Booking-js v1.11.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Codemirror 5.25.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Version 5.25.0

Bug fixes

In contentEditable-mode, properly locate changes that repeat a character when inserted with IME.

Fix handling of selections bigger than the viewport in contentEditable mode.

Improve handling of changes that insert or delete lines in contentEditable mode.

Count Unicode control characters 0x80 to 0x9F as special (non-printing) chars.

Fix handling of shadow DOM roots when finding the active element.

Add role=presentation to more DOM elements to improve screen reader support.

merge addon: Make aligning of unchanged chunks more robust.

comment addon: Fix comment-toggling on a block of text that starts and ends in a (differnet) block comment.

javascript mode: Improve support for TypeScript syntax.

r mode: Fix indentation after semicolon-less statements.

shell mode: Properly handle escaped parentheses in parenthesized expressions.

markdown mode: Fix a few bugs around leaving fenced code blocks.

soy mode: Improve indentation.

New features

lint addon: Support asynchronous linters that return promises.

continuelist addon: Support continuing task lists.

vim bindings: Make Y behave like yy.

sql mode: Support sqlite dialect.

Flv.js v1.2.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

New features

  • Add MP3 audio codec playback support (except IE11/Edge)
  • Support HTTP FLV live stream on new version of Microsoft Edge (15.15048+)
  • Support 301/302 redirected url reuse, report redirection to statisticsInfo

Improve & bugfix

  • Fix FetchStreamLoader Early-Eof judgement bug
  • Fix WebSocket URL judgement bug
  • Relax restrictions in FLV header
  • Allow multiple SPS PPS in AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord structure

Timeago.js v3.0.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

npm install timeago.js can get the lastest version.

Changelogs below:

  1. Typescript supported
  2. Ability to cancel single timer of the DOM node
  3. Performance improvement by utilizing prototypal inheritance
  4. Add new parameter in locale func for more
  5. Update the usage of API cancel

Best wishes~

Qunit 2.2.1

发布于 3天前下载ZIP
  • Test: Add basic reorder test
  • Core: Fix sessionStorage feature detection
  • Tests: Ensure onError tests are included in test/index.html (#1111)

Form v4.2.0

发布于 4天前下载ZIP


jQuery Form is confirmed to be compatible with jQuery 2 and 3! 🎉If you see any incompatibilities, please report a bug or, preferrably, a pull request.

New Features

  1. 55fba84 #486 Adds method option for API compatibility with newer versions of jQuery

Bug Fixes

  1. 8434a5f #495 Makes ajaxSubmit with 'target' option compatible with jQuery>=1.12.1

Vis v4.19.1

发布于 4天前下载ZIP


  • FIX: #2685 Fixed babel dependencies (#2875)

Timeline / Graph2D

  • FIX #2809: Fix docs typo in "showNested" (#2879)
  • FIX #2594: Fixes for removing and adding items to subgroups (#2821)
  • FIX: Allow nested groups to be removed (#2852)

Spectre v0.2.10

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Ant-design 2.8.2

发布于 4天前下载ZIP
  • New design specification documentation.
  • Fix error of Modal.confirm #5269.
  • Fix mask style of Upload #5275.
  • Fix progress not showing of Upload #5323.
  • Fix a pagination showTotal wrong data issue of Table #5259.
  • Fix a style issue while using Popconfirm and Button together 5301.
  • Fix a style issue of Radio #5336.
  • Fix a issue that getContainer of Message didn't work #5380.
  • Fix text alignment of Checkbox and Radio 696a3c0.
  • Fix box shadow of AutoComplete 7bc2b1d.
  • Tweak animation and blur style of Spin fa1e031.
  • Tweak some styles of Mention 240a93c.

  • 发布了新的 设计基础文档
  • 修复使用 Modal.confirm 时报错的问题。#5269
  • 修复 Upload 的蒙层样式 #5275
  • 修复 Upload 上传进度条不显示的问题 #5323
  • 修复 Table 的分页的 showTotal 数据错误的问题 #5259
  • 修复了 Popconfirm 与 Button 同时使用时的样式问题 5301
  • 修复 Radio 的一个样式问题 #5336
  • 修复 Message 的 getContainer 无法使用的问题 #5380
  • 修复 Checkbox 和 Radio 标签的文字对齐 696a3c0
  • 修复 AutoComplete 的额外阴影 7bc2b1d
  • 调整了 Spin 的动画 fa1e031
  • 调整了 Mention 的一些样式 240a93c

Html-minifier v3.4.2

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Bug fixes

  • fix crash when specific class names are used with sortClassName (#794, #795)
  • fix parsing of validly unquoted whitespace attribute values (#796)

Element v1.2.5

发布于 4天前下载ZIP
  • 新增 Slider 的 show-tooltip 属性,#3430(by @gabrielboliveira)
  • 修复动态改变 Slider step 的精度时,其值的精度不随之改变的问题,#3475(by @gabrielboliveira)
  • 修复含有 Tooltip 的 Table 在当前窗口高度临界于出现滚动条时,弹出 Tooltip 会导致 Table 宽度抖动的问题,#3549
  • 修复 Table 在某些情况下高度自动往复变小的问题,#3539
  • 修复 Popover 中的弹出类组件在点击 Popover 的空白区域时不隐藏的问题,#3451(by @nicoeg)
  • 现在 xssmmdlg 值为 0 的 Col 会被正确隐藏,#3564

  • Added show-tooltip property for Slider, #3430 (by @gabrielboliveira)

  • Fixed Slider precision not updating when step is updated, #3475 (by @gabrielboliveira)
  • Fixed a bug that when the window is at the criticality of showing the scrollbar, the popup of Tooltip inside a Table will cause the Table to shake horizontally, #3549
  • Fixed Table automatically shrinking vertically in some conditions, #3539
  • Fixed popup components inside a Popover not hiding when blank area is clicked, #3451 (by @nicoeg)
  • Now Col will hide itself if its xs, sm, md or lg is set to 0, #3564

Wing v1.0.0-beta

发布于 4天前下载ZIP

Minor Changes

  • Responsive: 7dbff5405dbac238482f3300bdd0e9d6883d0f30
  • Remove @import, use instead: 48105b7825e0b3891dcfd4c5da664761bc32b22c
  • Add table styling (base, striped, hover & responsive): a20dda5fe85114a01837f16d6b94821dfcd3788d
  • Add mobile helper classes and bugfix responsive tables: 7eaa9a4591629a76c25a1601b06b88b4137486a6
  • Add nav plugin with alignment options: f0d81029a363fe8c1e3b147fc15bfc1aec6de3fc


  • Back to new grid: e85b1b5605167efad8b466d7a1965ac24cec56df
  • Better dimensions for buttons: a04c59e3d18b9ff01cbd090db2ea97ad8502f7c1
  • Background of button: 0211495454b29f142f0c464fb99e1c2960bc4723
  • Fixing height of outlined button: aef4256cabed78603ba588cda3afcf4a9aec0c97
  • Fix the color of btn-outline: 1ae45807fa6879003727b7e1adf9e9aeca754149
  • Merge pull request #36 from gagizagi/master: db1aac5e1d559c14ca4d140f35cdf21ba3c8271c
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master': c47ba5964738f43dc06219510f19a775c85ec72c
  • Fix #33 with padding instead box-shadow: 82dbe9707a68148fc80ae32962c967a43af08149
  • Remove special tables classes, keep it minimal: 9ab19b01aa7e51dba5ab4a393030ecff1f94bf73
  • Adjust Codestyle (use 2 instead 4 spaces): 0a680a4f8b89705b369d6cafc2fed571624d6888
  • Merge pull request #34 from CodeBrauer/master: 96e2cb16fa9b459487849f27b18a8e8d8f7ab1f5
  • Support for input type file, number, and tel: fd8b68d629fe99a00b46068f1651fe4defe44af5
  • Remove border for text decoration: 201238b3d236de565cf8745a53c62de1787e90c6

Superagent v3.5.1

发布于 4天前下载ZIP
  • Allow crossDomain errors to be retried (#1194) (Michael Olson)
  • Read responseType property from the correct object (Julien Dupouy)
  • Check for ownProperty before adding header (Lucas Vieira)