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Eslint v3.16.1

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  • ff8a80c Fix: duplicated autofix output for inverted fix ranges (fixes #8116) (#8117) (Teddy Katz)
  • a421897 Docs: fix typo in arrow-parens.md (#8132) (Will Chen)
  • 22d7fbf Chore: fix invalid redeclared variables in tests (#8130) (Teddy Katz)
  • 8d95598 Chore: fix output assertion typos in rule tests (#8129) (Teddy Katz)
  • 9fa2559 Docs: Add missing quotes in key-spacing rule (#8121) (Glenn Reyes)
  • f3a6ced Build: package.json update for eslint-config-eslint release (ESLint Jenkins)

Gatsby v0.12.36

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Ghost 0.11.5

发布于 22小时前下载ZIP

Please read the release blog post for more details.


  • [Improved] Session handling has been tweaked meaning a poor net connection or leaving the admin open should no longer result in random logouts
  • [Fixed] Timezone config could be accidentally overwritten causing published dates to appear incorrect
  • [Fixed] Deleting all content now works if you have subscribers that subscribed from a post page
  • [Fixed] Subscriber export now contains all subscribers
  • [Fixed] Theme files are no longer cached in development mode

You can see the full change log for the details of every change included in this release.

Autoprefixer 6.7.5

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  • Fix text-decoration-skip in iOS (by @cvle).
  • Fix clip-path (by @cvle).

Postcss 5.2.15

发布于 23小时前下载ZIP
  • Fix TypeScript definitions (by @bumbleblym).

Element v1.2.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • 新增 Cascader、ColorPicker 组件
  • Tabs 新增 editableaddable 属性以及 tab-addedit 事件
  • 新增 UMD 格式的语言包文件
  • Tree 新增 node-expandnode-collapse 事件,#2507(by @masterzhang)
  • Tree 新增 indent 属性,#2713
  • Dialog 的标题支持以具名 slot 的方式传入,#2657
  • Slider 新增 range 属性,支持范围选择,#2751
  • Upload
    • 新增 auto-upload 属性,用以控制是否在选择图片后自动上传,默认为开启
    • 新增 on-change 钩子函数在文件状态改变时会调用
    • 新增 list-type 设置文件列表展示外观
  • Autocomplete 滚动条使用 el-scrollbar


  • Carousel 不响应内容动态更新的问题,#2775
  • TimePicker 在某些情况下数字位置不居中的问题,#2948
  • TimePicker 在某些情况下范围选择时仅响应偶数次点击的问题,#2884(by @k55k32)
  • Tab 修复 tab-pane 动态显示时插入顺序问题, #2898
  • Menu 修复将 default-active 设置为不存在的 index 时 menu-item 还会高亮的问题
  • Collapse 修复嵌套使用时的样式问题


  • 重构 Tooltip,不再生成额外的 HTML 标签,确保被 tooltip 包裹的组件的结构不变,#2459
  • Dialog 的遮罩层现在默认插入至 body 元素上,#2556
  • Tabs 现在内部不再维护 tab 实例,需要在外部通过相关事件去处理, #2567
  • Upload 重构升级
    • default-file-list 属性更名为 file-list, show-upload-list 属性更名为 show-file-list
    • thumbnail-mode 属性被移除

New features:

  • Two brand new components: Cascader and ColorPicker
  • New attributes editable and addable, and new events tab-add and edit for Tabs
  • Language config files in UMD format
  • New events node-expand and node-collapse for Tree, #2507 (by @masterzhang)
  • New attribute indent for Tree, #2713
  • Dialog's title now supports named slot, #2657
  • New attribute range for Slider, #2751
  • Upload
    • Attribute auto-upload that controls if files are uploaded immediately after selecting, and its default value is true
    • Event on-change that fires when file status changes
    • Attribute list-type that configures the appearance of file list
  • Scrollbars in Autocomplete is made prettier


  • Carousel not responding to contents' update, #2775
  • Numbers in TimePicker not align in some conditions, #2948
  • TimePicker only responding to odd clicks in some conditions, #2884 (by @k55k32)
  • Tabs' display order error when tab-pane is dynamically changed, #2898
  • Menu highlighting menu-item when default-active is assigned to an non-existent item
  • Collapse's style issue when nested

Breaking changes:

  • Tooltip is refactored, no additional HTML tags will be rendered so that the structures of nested component stay unchanged, #2459
  • The backdrop of Dialog now inserts to body element by default, #2556
  • Tabs don't maintain tab instances internally any more, so they should be handled externally via events emitted by Tabs, #2567
  • Upload is refactored
    • default-file-list renamed to file-list, and show-upload-list renamed to show-file-list
    • thumbnail-mode removed

Vux v2.1.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • [feature] 支持数组定义菜单 #950 @wuchuguang


  • [fix] 修复label宽度没有受限于group设置


  • [feature] 更新WeUI样式到最新版本
  • [change] type参数由下划线变为中划线,组件内部做了兼容保证升级时无影响


  • [feature] 新组件


  • [feature] 新组件


  • [feature] 更新到WeUI最新代码
  • [enhance] 当value为空时,不显示清除按钮


  • [feature] 增加body-padding-topbody-padding-bottom方便设定上下padding


  • [feature] 更新到 WeUI 最新版本
  • [feature] 支持 prop:isLoading


  • [fix] 修复transition绑定


  • [feature] 升级WeUI样式
  • [fix] 修复label样式不受控于group设置
  • [feature] 支持align属性

Hoodie.js v27.1.5

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27.1.5 (2017-02-22)

Bug Fixes

Fluidbox v2.0.5

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Bug fixes:

  • Absent mindedly forgot to bump npm version #183
  • Missing imageloaddone custom event, even though it's in the readme (and previously implemented): #184
  • Borked image link on demo page (the first image): #185
  • Incorrect parsing of HTML5 data- attributes: #186


  • Cleaner CSS transitions #182, special thanks @Mesoptier

Primus 6.1.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

We've updated the Engine.IO client-side library to version 2.0.2 and added the ability to reset the spark heartbeat via protocol-level pings in the uws transformer.

Flatpickr v2.4.2

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Minor improvements.

  • Inputs created for mobiles now inherit the original placeholder
  • Fixed edge-case when using custom parseDate/formatDate

Electron v1.6.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Note: This is a beta release. This is the second release running on anupgraded version of Chrome and may have some instability and/or regressions.Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta.

Bug Fixes

  • Node's Buffer class is no longer available on the window global whenNode integration is disabled. #8605
  • Fixed an issue where certain modules, like coffee-script, threw errorswhen required. #8618
  • Fixed an issue where the focused window would lose focus when an invisiblewindow was created. #8676
  • The minimumFontSize, defaultFontSize, and defaultMonospaceFontSizesettings can now be configured via the webpreferences attribute of a<webview> tag. #8542
  • Fixed a crash where the browser context did not shutdown cleanly. #8654
  • Fixed a crash on file lock verification. #8679


  • Fixed an issue where a titleBarStyle value of hidden-inset did not work oncertain OS versions. #8619
  • Fixed an issue where private OS APIs were being used in the Mac App Storebuild causing apps to be rejected. #8668
  • Fixed the scroll-touch-end event not firing. #8673
  • Fixed BrowserWindow.setVibrancy not working on certain OS versions. #8717

API Changes

  • Added a app.getFileIcon(path, callback) API to get the native icon for afile type. #7851
  • The callback specified to the session.setCertificateVerifyProc API is nowprovided the certificate verification result and can be rejected with anyerror code supported by Chrome. #7955
  • The dialog.showMessageBox API now supports showing a checkbox with amessage in the dialog. The state of the checkbox will be provided to thecallback. #8590
  • webContents now emits a will-attach-webview event that can be used toconfigure the settings of a<webview> tag before it is attached.Calling event.preventDefault() will destroy the <webview>. #8584
  • The zoom preferences on webContents are now persisted in a session on aper-origin basis. #8537
  • Added support for webContents.invalidate() on non-offscreen pages toschedule a paint of the entire view. #8628


  • dialog.showSaveDialog now supports message, nameFieldLabel, andshowsTagField options. #8556
  • dialog.showOpenDialog now supports a message option. #8556
  • dialog.showOpenDialog now supports a noResolveAliases property todisable automatic alias (symlink) resolution. #8617
  • Added a crashReporter.setExtraParameter API to adjust the extra data senton crashes. #8648

Semantic-ui 2.2.9

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Build Tools

  • Fixes 2.2.8 npm install script failing due to incorrect path in require statement

Form v4.0.1

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Bug Fixes

  1. 2d75614 Fixes issue where form data array was unavailable in beforeSubmit function

Backbone.marionette v3.2.0

发布于 1天前下载ZIP


  • Separate Mn DOM interaction into a mixin for DOM plugin ease
  • View.childViewEvents should support trigger
  • Allow showing a template or static string in a region
  • Feature/trigger method event args


  • Custom CollectionView.viewComparator no longer sorts collection.models
  • CollectionView re-indexes correctly when removing views.
  • CollectionView.filter can filter by View child index
  • Region will no longer detach pre-existing HTML when View's el is already in the region
  • Fix Region clean up when View is destroyed
  • Destroy CollectionView.children by View and not Model


  • Remove MarionetteError "ViewDestroyError" from View's

Layui v1.0.8

发布于 1天前下载ZIP
  • 新增“进度条”页面元素及相关操作方法
  • 表单模块lay-verify属性增加对同一字段的多条验证规则的支持
  • 新增按钮组样式
  • 新增赤、橙、绿、青、蓝、黑、灰7中背景样式(见文档:页面元素→CSS公共类)
  • 新增7个字体图标
  • 完善loading图标在旋转时出现偏移的不友好问题
  • 完善表单元素设置为盒子风格时,复选框/单选框等区块的别扭问题。需对特定区块设置pane属性。
  • 对盒子风格的表单字段开启验证高亮提示,以及hover/focus效果
  • 调整用于后台布局的layout框架比例,对之前版本会有所影响,请注意修改

  • 修复Form模块的部分样式在高DPI缩放时的样式问题

  • 修复layer组件动画keyframes与其它css库可能引发的冲突
  • 修复当使用layui.all.js时,部分功能报错的bug

Casperjs 1.1.4

发布于 1天前下载ZIP

Important Changes and Bugfixes

  • You can click on area tags (fixed regression)
  • You can navigate to frames without crash
  • visibility check is now fixed #1736
  • We have fixed popup on close crash.
  • errors are filtered on die method #1726


  • New event added : page.filePicker (#1756)
  • add nodeJS launcher
  • unlimited XPath selector to fill all input fields #1759
  • Events are now completely usable with popups #1118
  • new parameters for command line are fitted #1735
  • support to custom headers in sendAJAX
  • SlimerJS event onLongRunningScript...

Additional Notes

  • With 1.1.4, We've recompiled the windows binary.

Chocolat 0.4.16

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Bootstrap-fileinput v4.3.8

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Date: 21-Feb-2017

  1. (bug #870): Correct config.width parsing.
  2. (bug #872): Correct typo in bootstrap.min.css.
  3. (enh #874): Enhance/Standardize CSS Styles for Krajee Default Theme.
  4. (enh #876): Update Spanish Translations.
  5. (enh #879): Update Russian Translations.

Amphtml 1487370849157

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Version: 1487370849157

  • Initial load analytics event (#7312)
  • Remove rAF iframe throttling in 3p iframes (#7636)
  • Skip form integration tests (#7642)
  • Use local and YT WebDriver videos for integration tests (#7643)
  • Allow multiple action handlers for the same event (#7560)
  • Adjust ad no-content UI order (#7612)
  • Make some ValidatorRulesMakeSense errors more verbose (#7620)
  • Avoid allocating an array for the rarely used action queue. (#7592)
  • Fix incorrect service lookups for PWA/FIE (#7616)
  • Fixed route error (#7621)
  • Created new endpoint for loading test pages in an iframe. (#7615)
  • Warn during expression soft-failures in amp-bind (#7345)
  • Fix undefined reportError (#7588)
  • amp-form: wait on fetches in integration tests (#7614)
  • add url + sourceUrl to the channel_open message (amp-viewer-integration) (#7466)
  • Add support for SlimCut Media amp-ad (#7265)
  • cron job from @erwinmombay to update size.txt and size.csv (#7425)
  • Amp-playbuzz item-id support (#7450)
  • Adding z-index for autoplay mask (#7565)
  • An additional required file was added for Rambler&Co ad network (#7541)
  • Force cloudflare amp-ad to use absolute src. (#7556)
  • myWidget Ad extension (#7471)
  • Refactor local proxy server code so it supports Viewer style URL: /v/ (#7580)
  • Add the ability to add and remove bindings in subtrees rooted at a specified node (#7439)
  • Introduce a new attemptCollapse function (#7532)
  • Validator rollup (#7590)
  • Load sticky ad after first viewport scroll (#7478)
  • Add more integration tests for amp-form (#7525)
  • Removes amp-tabs stubs since we are doing it as an example using amp-selector (#7539)
  • Release AMP cache modifications best practices (#7561)
  • Add AdSpeed ad server to amp-ad (#7219)
  • Add amp-izlesene extension to embed videos from izlesene.com (#6126)
  • Kiosked ads (#7049)
  • Passes sentinel value as URL parameter in AdSense/DoubleClick Fast Fetch impls. (#7343)
  • For the validator CLI, set the exit code correctly even for Node.js v0.10.25 (very old). (#7558)
  • A4A: Ping network error (#7499)
  • Relaxing some form requirements and errors (#7530)
  • Assert fetch body is not equal to null (#7529)
  • Fixing attribute checking (#7427)
  • Update validator-amp-call-tracking.protoascii (#7551)
  • Implement amp-call-tracking extension (#7493)
  • Fix locally failing tests. (#7535)
  • Fix playbuzz test failure by toggleExperiment in beforeEach (#7526)
  • Make Array includes() polyfill not enumerable (#7517)
  • Make viewport getScrollLeft return 0 (#7492)
  • Web worker for amp-bind (#7436)
  • Upgrade amp-ad support for Index Exchange (#7074)
  • Initial revision of Cxense Display amp-ad integration (#7333)
  • Do not initiate amp-ad Fast Fetch if height/width of slot is 0 (#7498)
  • Added a special param to measure activity on amp-hulu (#7322)
  • Content.ad: CDN domain processing (#7316)
  • Set experiments cookies on explicit hostname. (#7494)
  • Normalize jank rate to a likelihood metric. (#7490)
  • adds support for Eulerian Analytics (#7053)
  • html_format unnecessary for both AMP and AMP4ADS extensions (#7477)
  • Bind: Add Array.includes to bind (#7401)
  • Forbid assignments inside a conditional (#7486)
  • Make sure fragment to be updated does not have leading # (#7454)
  • Allow variable substitution for whitelisted origins (#7344)
  • Restrict AMP4ADS extensions (#7474)
  • Fix Chunks in extensions (again) (#7473)
  • Adding sub-anchor support to placement.js (#7218)
  • amp-custom-ads: require CORS (#7331)
  • Revert "move min/max script URL composition logic from runtime to gulp server" (#7467)
  • Bump up inabox error log severity level, so that it will show up in StackDriver (#7468)
  • Add managing user state docs (#7433)
  • amp-viewer-intergration: remove error msgs in non-webview (#7464)
  • Fix scrolling of scrollable iframes in iOS (#7444)
  • Fix the bug that visible time is counted even after the page enters background (#7406)
  • Separate render-start and loaded phases for Ads (#7391)
  • Clean up ios-overflow-x flags (#7419)
  • reinstate Amp-selector experiment to 100% on prod (the cleanup has no… (#7456)

Strider v1.9.5

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

CLI now has pruneJobs, plus other bug fixes

Siema v.1.2.0

发布于 2天前下载ZIP


  • Modern ECMAScript 2015 class notation
  • Add webpack as a build tool
  • UMD (Universal Module Definition) pattern
  • Docs moved to separated directory
  • prev() and next() method can take an optional argument
const mySiema = new Siema();buttonPrev.addEventListener('click', () => mySiema.prev(2));buttonNext.addEventListener('click', () => mySiema.next(2));
  • UpdateAfterDrag can swipe multiple items - fixes issue 28
  • Wrap each slide in separated div improves styling encapsulation
  • Documentation simplified
  • Add to docs links to Angular, React and Vue implementations

Codemirror 5.24.0

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Version 5.24.0

Bug fixes

A cursor directly before a line-wrapping break is now drawn before or after the line break depending on which direction you arrived from.

Visual cursor motion in line-wrapped right-to-left text should be much more correct.

Fix bug in handling of read-only marked text.

shell mode: Properly tokenize nested parentheses.

python mode: Support underscores in number literals.

sass mode: Uses the full list of CSS properties and keywords from the CSS mode, rather than defining its own incomplete subset.

css mode: Expose lineComment property for LESS and SCSS dialects. Recognize vendor prefixes on pseudo-elements.

julia mode: Properly indent elseif lines.

markdown mode: Properly recognize the end of fenced code blocks when inside other markup.

scala mode: Improve handling of operators containing #, @, and : chars.

xml mode: Allow dashes in HTML tag names.

javascript mode: Improve parsing of async methods, TypeScript-style comma-separated superclass lists.

indent-fold addon: Ignore comment lines.

New features

Positions now support a sticky property which determines whether they should be associated with the character before (value "before") or after (value "after") them.

vim bindings: Make it possible to remove built-in bindings through the API.

comment addon: Support a per-mode useInnerComments option to optionally suppress descending to the inner modes to get comment strings.

Breaking changes

The sass mode now depends on the css mode.

Yarn v0.21.2

发布于 2天前下载ZIP
  • fixed test: import version for not installed dependencies (#2731)

    Konstantin Raev - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:19:52 +0000

Karma v1.5.0

发布于 2天前下载ZIP

Bug Fixes

  • filter browser logging by level of LOG (89a7a1c), closes #2228
  • make window.parent.karma available in debugged context (3e7eaeb)
  • client: don't crash if receive array-like results (e095411), closes #2061


  • add an option to run the tests by dynamically loading test scripts without iframe (aa42c41)
  • add support for node@7 (eb407ab), closes #2559

Skatejs v4.6.7

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

4.6.7 (2017-02-20)

Bug Fixes

  • ts-typings:
    • make LC hooks on Copoment required - cause they are always on Base class (ea66938b)
    • expose PropOptions so they can be consumed by 3rd party decorators (098ea512, closes #1084)

Iview v1.0.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP
  • 新增树形控件组件Tree
  • 新增常用布局示例Layout
  • 新增定制主题。查看
  • 文档全新改版。
  • Form 组件:
    • FormItem 新增 slot label。
    • 修复 FormItem 部分情况无法对 Switch、Input 等表单重置的bug。commit
  • Select 组件:
    • 修复在单选、可搜索模式下,主动赋值无法及时更新视图的bug。#251 commit @YikaJ
    • 修复在单选、可搜索模式下,动态更新 Option 时,无法及时更新视图的bug。commit @YikaJ
  • Table 在单选或多选模式下,支持设置 data 项的特殊 key _highlight 和 _checked 来默认选中当前项。commit #265
  • Checkbox 新增半选状态属性 indeterminate。
  • Modal 新增是否可滚动属性 scrollable。#241 @rijn
  • 优化 Notice 关闭时的动画。#30 @rijn
  • 修复 Carousel 在 IE 下的一个bug。#269 @rijn
  • 修复 Transfer 的 render-format 不能渲染 HTML 元素的bug。

When 3.7.8

发布于 3天前下载ZIP
  • Fix unhandled rejection false positive in settle
  • Fix unhandled rejection events on IE
  • Make build work on Windows

Vuetify v0.8.10

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Small release for bug fixes and minor tweaks

The documentation has been updated with many missing properties from the last large update.

  • Alerts now default to their v-model value, which if undefined will hide the alert by default.
  • 8f719137f0ac27a44033e99e32338882cfdeac9c Added missing preventDefault for tab-item
  • 00a4d63245e3c87eee93ebdb391499f357a86197 Added missing toolbar disabled style
  • #142 Fixed a bug where tooltips on buttons were not working properly. Added back text-transform stylus variable. 5bed86a24d08cbdee9aaa3ef20f03c9f7ddd91ae 6e5dbf16438467bd04d7844c0b2ffc0a2d3bdecf
  • #143 Modal click-outside can now be disabled with persistent a7a071c0557e01c90d249336ebd4828ee25bec69
  • #141 Added append/replace prop support for all router-links. Added nuxt-link support 874eb29b21df9eddfb9dce64feb8db154eddc800

Office-ui-fabric 2.6.3

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

As requested in issue 261 in Fabric JS, this release patches an issue with the Dropdown for those who require compatibility with the 2.6.x versions of Office UI Fabric, rather than more recent versions of Fabric JS.

There are no other changes or features in this release that make it different from 2.6.2.

D3 v4.6.0

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

Parse-server 2.3.5

发布于 3天前下载ZIP


Full Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Allow empty client key(#3497), thanks to Arthur Cinader
  • Fix LiveQuery unsafe user(#3525), thanks to David Starke
  • Use flushdb instead of flushall in RedisCacheAdapter(#3523), thanks to Jeremy Louie
  • Fix saving GeoPoints and Files in _GlobalConfig (Make sure we don't treatdot notation keys as topLevel atoms)(#3531), thanks to Florent Vilmart

Jsblocks 0.3.5

发布于 3天前下载ZIP

jsblocks release 0.3.5

Closed issues:

  • [#74] - options query do not replace option value in some situations
  • [#86] - observable cannot survive JSON.stringify
  • [#93] - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_serverData' of undefined
  • [#104] - Blocks is inserting the wrong text in the wrong node
  • [#111] - Cannot set property '$this' of undefined.
  • [#113] - expressions not updating in nested observables
  • [#119] - each-query not updating the dom with dependency-obervable
  • [#123] - Select to map to Model with options data-query
  • [#126] - side effects of 'each' and 'options' together
  • [#129] - observable event handle not binding correctly to DOM
  • [#132] - Issues with the 'sort'-extender.

Merged pull requests:

  • [#106] - Updating/Insetring of wrong nodes fixed. Closes #104
  • [#107] - Added toJSON to observable and tests for it.
  • [#109] - Added update function to options-query fixes #74.
  • [#110] - Moved 'View._bindContext' to src/mv/bindContext.js.
  • [#112] - Fixed some issues with template data-query.
  • [#114] - Added check if observable._expressions has current expression. Fixes #113.
  • [#115] - Fixed the serverside template-data-query I broke in a previous change.
  • [#118] - Added Blocks.middleware...
  • [#127] - Added 'null' to the valid params for the 'val'-query.
  • [#128] - Implements checkbox groups and fixes false negative select multple attribute check.
  • [#130] - Now cloning props and changed order in 'with'
  • [#133] - Fixed issues with the sort-extender described in #132.
  • [#139] - Fixed bug in observable._expressionKeys.
  • [#140] - Removed context.childs.
  • [#141] - Implemented Serverside comment query parsing.
  • [#143] - Fix #93
  • [#144] - Better support for module loaders & libaries in serverside rendering.
  • [#145] - Reverted one change from #143 that broke collections.
  • [#149] - Fixed / Implemented debug messages for "normal" methods.
  • [#150] - Debugging enhancments (custom Messages and more )
  • [#157] - Travis releases


  • [a12d5fd6fd] - :tada: 0.3.5
  • [9d1efefb7f] - Updated jscore to 16e21b0c4e and jsvalue to 44af1b33d8.
  • [ef8550ba04] - Merge pull request #157 from astoilkov/travis-builds
  • [8d43cb75d0] - Fixed wrong prerelease detection regex
  • [ef0ee6a487] - Added npm publish step.
  • [b6a91baf18] - Replaced (most) REST-Calls to github with GraphQL.
  • [cace01d77c] - Added dev-dependencie "github" for easy github api access.
  • [a89cd5d05a] - First steps for commit logs on the release page :)
  • [878093b591] - Fixed wrong type in params in tag creation.
  • [ec809e047a] - Even more logs for CI Builds.
  • [56b073f749] - Fixed wrong date in commits, add missing param "force" for Tag creation.
  • [e0fb0730c6] - Initial NPM publish function.
  • [3c0135aeb3] - Changed tag creation method to apply a valid creator/author to the tag.
  • [461ea16bfd] - Now checking out master before building.
  • [1cf9455284] - Added master commit detection.
  • [8ff3e918d4] - added c++ 11 toolchain (for nodegit) to travis.yml and fixed typo
  • [f5c08e9221] - Travis: Added after_success hook for testing, set node_js version to the
  • [88d67bab51] - First (git) actions for CI build releases.
  • [844cd09ad4] - Updated jscore to fcf951d
  • [1fbbb8dca0] - Fixes for nested each/option queries.
  • [f9ce47cf1e] - Implemented clone for Expression.
  • [4358bfb00e] - Implemented clone for VirtualElement.
  • [d39d6e8b14] - Updated jscore to f8ced57.
  • [5de343e452] - Observable in model prototype will now be wrapped when it's not an
  • [e87d5c0eb8] - Added blocks.executeExpression().
  • [67c32c71d1] - Whoops: Added changes I forgot to commit.
  • [0ddd24945f] - Changed behavior of not-defined properties to not be wrapped within an
  • [2082eef7ca] - Added condition to remove invalud use of view.removeAt().
  • [8c9152eef9] - Fixed bug in on query applying wrong events.
  • [cc420dca04] - Fixed "document is not defined" in node in serverData.js
  • [eee38e307c] - Added return statements to modules, previously not returning their ex…
  • [2f643c017f] - WIP: Changed build process to generate self executing closures arroun…
  • [b324a83bfa] - Fixed bug in ElementData.clear()
  • [9b6e157962] - Removed unused default value/option in node-Middleware.
  • [6002545ad0] - Changed "on"-data-query to be able to accept unlimited "args".
  • [f5ae8428e8] - Fixed misstake in refactoring.
  • [8937239035] - Changed observables attribute-update logic to use dom.attr
  • [df176f044d] - Implemented update for dependency observable arrays.
  • [4ec1c25b16] - Fixed extenders for depencie observables.
  • [1da54849ad] - Fixed sorting in chained extenders by keeping track of chages.
  • [8450a986ae] - query/ExtenderHelper Fixed positioning issue when reinserting previously
  • [2f2c57fdb1] - query/ExtenderHelper: Changed if-else-constructs to switch statements.
  • [9fe340d8e0] - Changed opertation types from strings to an "enum".
  • [05f57d2419] - query/observable: removed duplicated code
  • [69ae8d8f52] - Moved the inline script tag for the server data to a data attribute o…
  • [d5acc8a9e7] - Added escaping in VirtualComments.
  • [7e2cf5c867] - Moved escape regex to modules/Escape.
  • [cc1e93ff0f] - Added modules/Escaping with the first useful methods.
  • [310249425c] - Merge pull request #150 from Kanaye/master
  • [0b44441d91] - Added check to make sure that blocks.debug is active, ready and would
  • [cfe1c78a15] - Optimized performance of the debug build.
  • [fb75852959] - Changed the manual throwDebugMessage to the debug macro.
  • [c0115f1e20] - Implemented a aimple debug macro to throw custom debug messages.
  • [43c6ccd14f] - Now reversing the parsed debug code (defining __DEBUG_METHOD) in the
  • [10d4a4eca8] - Modified Asnyc-View-Error Message to be more clear to:
  • [335b756f05] - Added sourceURL for expressions.
  • [bccf7ba2c6] - Added custom debug messages for async view init, wrong
  • [bdcd08918f] - Added custom debug methods, kinda.
  • [8fe09d4816] - Added method throwMessage to blocks.debug which outputs a custom error
  • [5dc25a49fa] - Moved jsdebug default styles to an object.
  • [bc129d7b5b] - Added/renamed more style-names from the highlightjs update.
  • [4d6a7303b6] - Updated node-rendering dependencies (express & parse5).
  • [8d2b5b37b6] - Updated dev-dependencies.
  • [29b4ac27d2] - Merge pull request #149 from Kanaye/master
  • [c4300f419c] - Updated jscore to commit c7e46b7cd639b5d093fc8bc6eae8760a33c7ce8e.
  • [25396846aa] - Added debug types for Model and ModelInstance Fixed some jsdocs.
  • [37985958b1] - jsdebug now treats undefined as "not specified" in optional parameters.
  • [6667249870] - Some jsdoc fixes and implemented "blocks.debug.pause()" and
  • [0345b25bd3] - jsdebugs "less-args" error is now printing param-names and is not pri…
  • [0871c4bdc8] - Stopped jsdebug printing "Usage exmple" if there is no usage example for
  • [da3c09d875] - Fixed some jsdocs and parameter type missmatches inside the library.
  • [fbb8831753] - Fixed bug in checkArgs of jsdebug showing wrong error.
  • [b11a50dd68] - Mostly adding (or fixing) jsdoc param description.
  • [fd1bc32b06] - Temporary workarround in observables because jsdebug will try to unwr…
  • [7f337f7eed] - Initial fixes/impl for method-debug-messages.
  • [f0e77b8b5b] - Fixed expression in jsdebug#checkArgsTypes for non query methods.
  • [7e841841e7] - Removed unnecessary method (stub?) for adding images.
  • [4373827383] - Merge pull request #144 from Kanaye/master
  • [2ecd5673a6] - Merge pull request #145 from Kanaye/collection-fix
  • [703f0d7c2d] - Reverted one change from #143 that broke collections.
  • [5e844b5fcf] - Better support for module loaders & libaries in serverside rendering.
  • [dddbd0a5c3] - Merge pull request #143 from Kanaye/fix-#93
  • [a3099edb3b] - Implemented clone for App and View.
  • [4adedb5e85] - Updated lib/blocks/core.js to version in astoilkov/jscore#3.
  • [bb5b85c6de] - Merge pull request #141 from Kanaye/serverside-comment-expressions
  • [a6acd83c63] - Merge pull request #140 from Kanaye/bug-#111
  • [7127ed36e0] - Implemented Serverside comment query parsing.
  • [085ee01f85] - Removed context.childs.
  • [c17f2627d4] - Merge pull request #139 from Kanaye/bug#138
  • [fae22bbac5] - Fixed bug in observable._expressionKeys.
  • [8e602c324b] - Merge pull request #133 from Kanaye/fix-#132
  • [19a4bd3ec7] - Fixed some bugs in the sort-extender.
  • [36e9e5cdb3] - Added bind to sort-extender.
  • [4c4ccbc126] - Merge pull request #130 from Kanaye/bug-#129
  • [f0488a4d07] - Now cloning props and changed order in 'with'
  • [b72e8cc484] - Merge pull request #128 from Kanaye/bug-#123
  • [547d934379] - Implementation of checkbox groups.
  • [acf58c9bf7] - Multi-Selects 'val' now work when only 'multiple' is written.
  • [5156b16fc4] - Merge pull request #127 from Kanaye/issue#122
  • [6b9fd4510e] - Added 'null' to the valid params for the 'val'-query.
  • [1123d4f6ef] - Merge pull request #118 from Kanaye/blocks.middleware
  • [54b6ecc851] - Added baseTag and options.
  • [2af9161c4d] - Added baseUrl to Router for blocks.middleware()
  • [cdc74eaa68] - Added blocks.middleware.
  • [9bd1f1d7df] - Merge pull request #115 from Kanaye/template-fix-v2
  • [ac8190dd22] - Merge pull request #114 from Kanaye/bug-#113
  • [55d9a335a6] - Fixed missing condition and .rawValue from a previous change on serve…
  • [c72c83b9a7] - Added check if observable._expressions has current expression and add…
  • [6e967969d2] - Merge pull request #112 from Kanaye/template-query-fixes
  • [c14b0999d0] - Added test for finding correct script in template query.
  • [90db83bedc] - Modified node-override of temlate-query for passDetailValues also fixed
  • [dfe269b1d3] - Added 'parameterName' in DomQuery.executeMethods.
  • [107b09cdd4] - Merge pull request #109 from Kanaye/bug-#74
  • [1fce71c0b4] - Removed unnecessary update-call.
  • [d2c786d80c] - Added Tests for new options behaviour.
  • [a43764d6f1] - Fixed bug in new Expression.NodeWise rendering.
  • [0339a968c6] - Added update function to options-query.
  • [487eb803bd] - observable.update now not subscribes.
  • [43a3fc6ee4] - Added observable._getValue().
  • [ba2a9aac9e] - Added call to observable.update().
  • [25ed83b44c] - Fixed attributes not get synced in some cases.
  • [7d0e448d14] - Merge pull request #110 from Kanaye/master
  • [852a3ca3ea] - Moved 'View._bindContext' to src/mv/bindContext.js.
  • [90163bdd73] - Merge pull request #106 from Kanaye/VE-sync-ffixes
  • [cb5f88622c] - update wrong refs
  • [6fdcd4e67f] - update ref to jsblocks
  • [3a003642ec] - Fixed bad typo in new implementation.
  • [1d484566b7] - Cleaned up unnecessary stuff of originaly planed implementation.
  • [1f736b4c2f] - add a ref to link
  • [6a5890c14f] - add Caret to README
  • [743bea5fe8] - Merge pull request #107 from Kanaye/observable-to-json
  • [d34d60d845] - Added toJSON to observable and tests for it.
  • [0ba643e68b] - Added tests.
  • [1ebe48e276] - Updating/Insetring of wrong nodes fixed. Closes #104.
  • [c552b7d204] - 0.3.4 release

Html-minifier v3.3.3

发布于 3天前下载ZIP


  • handle &nbsp; better in collapseWhitespace (#785)

Stylelint 7.9.0

发布于 4天前下载ZIP
  • Added: ignoreFontFamilyName option to font-family-no-duplicate (#2314).
  • Added: ignorePattern option to max-line-length (#2333).
  • Fixed: update version of lodash dependency to match feature usage, fixing a conflict with Modernizr (#2353).
  • Fixed: color-hex-case false positives for id references in url functions (#2338).
  • Fixed: max-line-length now reports correct column for SCSS comments (#2340).
  • Fixed: selector-class-pattern false positive in SCSS when combining interpolated and nested selectors (#2344).
  • Fixed: selector-type-case false positive for placeholder selectors (#2360).

Iron-node v3.0.18

发布于 4天前下载ZIP
  • :arrow_up: 3.0.18
  • fix #127

Ava v0.18.2

发布于 4天前下载ZIP