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基于 React 的 PWA 应用开发框架
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React PWA

A highly scalable, Progressive Web Application foundation with the best Developer Experience.

Watch it in action: Checkout the demo


We haven't implemented CDN yet, thus a bit of variation in performance.

Chrome Lighthouse

Lighthouse Performance Don't go with image, Check for yourself in your browser We ommited the performance as it was just 82 (pretty good huh??). Cause of server latency. Server is located somewhere in USA and we are in India


GTMetrix Performance Don't go with image, Check for yourself at GTMetrix


Pingdom Performance Don't go with images, Check for yourself at Pingdom


Code splitting

The very difficulty faced when developing enterprise application is code splitting. We don't need everything in single JS file. Why not create individual JS files for respective module/page! We make it really easy here to just create a page that return array of routes. Code is split and loaded automatically when the respective route is called. (Enabled in production mode)

Hot Reloading

Development is lot easy with hot reloading. Make changes and the code is auto/hot-reloaded in the browser. And we have not missed "sass". Preserver application state when you update in underlying code.

ES6/7 Compatible

Using babel we support the next generation JavaScript syntax including Object/Array destructuring, arrow functions, JSX syntax and more...

Backed by React-Router

We are using the most accepted React router for routing the application. Add your favorite /about, /contact, /dashboard pages.

Offline support

Yes your application is offline available. Run without internet. Pretty cool huh?? Well all thanks to service workers. (Enabled in production mode)

SSR - Server side rendering

The best way to get your application SEO-ed is enable Server side rendering i.e. Universal applications. (Enabled in production mode)


Our customized routes enable creating meta tags to create Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook cards. We know how important SEO is to an application.

Content Folding

Show only relevant data when loading via server. Fold your content to save bytes.

Page Caching

Well now you can cache a page in SSR. Pretty simple. just add cache option to route

{ cache: { enable: true, duration: 10000}}

this helps you cache page when rendered via server. Why increase server load when page is static and cacheable!

API caching

Wait what? Why do you need to cache API ? With service worker & cache mechanisms, even opaque response can be cached (no kidding!).

Webpack ^3.6

We support the latest webpack for best output.


Preloading for non-html browsers. Yes we give a damn about old browsers.

PWA support (Manifest.json)

Automatic generation of manifest.json. Lets make sure, we look good when someone adds us to home-screen.

WebP Support

Make your application super fast with WebP support. Read more about it at

Image optimizations

Optimize your images when you create a build. this does slow the build process, but is totally worth it when your site loads fast. We are using imagemin plugins to optimize SVG, JPEG, GIF & PNG

PWA - SrcSet Loader (Progressive Image Loading)

Load appropriate srcset and make your site load fast for different view-port devices. We support srcset with WebP out of the box.

HSTS Supported

Enable HSTS for secure sites. Options to define maxAge and preload of HSTS. All with very simple configuration.

Quick start

  • Clone this repo using git clone --depth=1
  • Move to the appropriate directory: cd react-pwa.
  • Use yarn to install dependencies: yarn
  • run yarn start to see the example app at http://localhost:3003.
  • To build the application you should run yarn build
  • To build and run PWA demo use the command yarn build && node dist/server.js

Now you are all set, Get your hands dirty with this awesome boilerplate.


Still in progress... But why don't you checkout our project's wiki


We have not written any test cases yet. Yet mocha is all set to test the application we need contributors for the purpose


This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2017 Atyantik Technologies Private Limited. For more information see

Need contributors.

We are actively looking for contributors for testing, and documentation. Please contact us: admin [at] or contact [at]

Visit us at Atyantik Technologies Private Limited

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