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Semantic 是一个 UI 组件框架
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Semantic UI

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Semantic 是一个为主题化而设计的UI框架。


  • 50+ UI 元素
  • 3000 + CSS 变量
  • 3 级变量继承(和 SublimeText 类似)
  • 用 em 作为单位构建以实现响应式设计
  • Flexbox 友好

2.0 发布

Semantic UI 2.0 现已推出。阅读文档中的 what's new

1.x 迁移到 2.0 的相关资料可以在 2.0 release notes 找到



npm install semantic-ui  # Use themes, import build/watch tasks into your own gulpfile.

Semantic UI 包含一个交互式的安装程序以帮助建立你的项目 Getting Started

  • 关于安装的详细信息请访问我们的 入门指南.
  • 想要学习更多关于主题的知识请阅读我们的 主题指南


环境 安装脚本
CSS Only npm install semantic-ui-css CSS Repo
LESS Only npm install semantic-ui-less LESS Repo
LESS plugin npm install less-plugin-semantic-ui LESS Plugin Repo
EmberJS ember install:addon semantic-ui-ember Ember Repo
Meteor - LESS meteor add semantic:ui Meteor Repo
Meteor - CSS meteor add semantic:ui-css CSS Repo
Bower bower install semantic-ui

更多选项请查看我们的 integration wiki


  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE 10+, Safari Mac
  • IE 10+
  • Android 4

虽然某些组件在 IE9 下也能正常工作, grids 和其它的 flexbox 组件是不支持IE9的,会显示错乱。



不要提交 usage questions to GitHub Issues. For these types of questions use StackOverflow or join our Gitter chatroom.


GitHub Issues is for suggesting enhancements and reporting bugs. Before submiting a bug make sure you do the following:

  • Check out our contributing guide for info on our release cycle
  • Fork this boilerplate JSFiddle to create a test case for your bug. If a bug is demonstratable from the docs, that's ok as well. Only bugs that include a test case can be triaged.

Pull Requests

When adding pull requests be sure to merge into next branch. If you need to demonstrate a fix in next release, you can use this jsfiddle


  • Chinese A Chinese mirror site is available at
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) An RTL version can be created using our build tools by selecting rtl from the install script
  • Translation To help translate see the Wiki Guide for translations


资源 描述
Bugs & Feature Requests All bug submission require a link to a test case, and a set of steps to reproduce the issue. You can make a test case by forking this jsfiddle, then submit your bug report on GitHub Issues
Live Chat Join our Room
Newsletter Updates Sign up for updates at
Additional Resources Submit a question on StackOverflow or ask our Google Group

Places to Help

Project How To Help Next Step
Localization Help us translate Semantic UI into your language Join our Translation Community
SCSS SASS needs PR to support variables inside @import Add Pull Request for #739
Angular Help develop angular bindings Reach Out on GitHub Issues
Guides & Tutorials Help write guides and tutorials Join the discussion

Reaching Out

If you'd like to start a conversation about Semantic feel free to e-mail me at

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