Cloudflare 开发的一个 Web UI 框架



CloudFlare UI Framework

cf-ui is a set of over 50 packages used to build UIs at CloudFlare using projects such as React, Redux, npm, Lerna, and more.

Important note

We are currently migrating cf-ui to CSS in JS using Fela. That means that our components will finally include styles so you can use them out of the box! However, you need to start using Fela in your project. No worries, it's pretty easy! We will add more description once the migration is done. So far, these components are migrated:

  • cf-component-button

Read the introductory blog post →

Interested in more of our technical decisions? See cf-ui/discussions

Getting Started

$ npm install [package-name]
$ npm run build
$ npm run bootstrap

Viewing the Examples

$ npm run examples:[build|dev]:[internal:external]

Open cf-ui/docs/index.html in your browser.

To view all of the available packages, see the packages/ directory.


To get started contributing please see


cf-ui is BSD Licensed

cf-ui 暂时没有中文说明