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FuseBox is a bundler/module loader that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS.

It is blazing fast (it takes 50-100ms to re-bundle) which makes it extremely convenient for developers. It requires zero configuration to bundle such monsters like babel-core.

FuseBox loves typescript, and does not require any additional configuration. It will compile and bundle your code within a fraction of a second, yet offering a comprehensive loader API. It is packed with features, and unfolds limitless possibilities of extending the API.

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FuseBox has many plugins in place to help you get started. All you need to do is install fuse-box from npm or yarn.

npm install fuse-box --save-dev
yarn add fuse-box --dev

Try it out!

Angular2 Example

Todo App built on the latest Angular2 (compiles in 50-80ms!)

React Example

Simple example using React with babel (compiles in 50ms!)


There is so much more. FuseBox pushing it to a whole new level!

Start Now

npm install typescript fuse-box --save-dev
const { FuseBox } = require("fuse-box");
const fuse = FuseBox.init({
    homeDir: "src",
    output: "dist/$name.js",


Examples and seeds

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Special thanks to devmondo for incredible ideas, giving inspiration and relentless testing/contributing to the project.

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