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一个轻量级的 Javascript 动画引擎
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Anime (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a flexible yet lightweight JavaScript animation library.
It works with CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects.


Examples and demos

Animation example

var myAnimation = anime({
  targets: ['.blue', '.green'],
  translateX: '13rem',
  rotate: 180,
  borderRadius: 8,
  duration: 2000,
  loop: true

Basic animation

Live example on CodePen

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • IE 10+

Quick start

npm install animejs / bower install animejs or download

Then insert anime.min.js in your html:

<script src="anime.min.js"></script>

Or import it in your JavaScript

import anime from 'animejs'



Defines the elements or JS Objects to animate.

Accept Examples
CSS Selectors 'div','.thing','path'
DOM Element document.querySelector('.thing')
Nodelist document.querySelectorAll('.thing')
JavaScript Object {prop1: 100, prop2: 200}
JavaScript Array ['.thing-1', 'div']


Names Defaults Types
delay 0 number, function (el, index, total)
duration 1000 number, function (el, index, total)
autoplay true boolean
loop false number, boolean
direction 'normal' 'normal', 'reverse', 'alternate'
easing 'easeOutElastic' console log anime.easings to get the complete functions list
elasticity 400 number (higher is stronger)
round false number, boolean
begin undefined function (animation)
update undefined function (animation)
complete undefined function (animation)

Specific animation parameters

Specific parameters

Parameters can be set individually to properties by using an Object.

Specific property parameters are :

  • value (required)
  • delay
  • duration
  • easing


  targets: 'div',
  translateX: '13rem',
  rotate: {
    value: 180,
    duration: 1500,
    easing: 'easeInOutQuad'
  scale: {
    value: 2,
    delay: 150,
    duration: 850,
    easing: 'easeInOutExpo',
  direction: 'alternate',
  loop: true

Live example on CodePen

Multiple timing values

Multi timings

Delays and durations can be specific to each targeted elements by using a function.

Available function arguments:

Positions Names Infos
1 target The targeted element
2 index The target index (start at 0)
3 length of targets The total number of targets (start at 0)


  targets: 'div',
  translateX: '13.5rem',
  scale: [.75, .9],
  delay: function(el, index) {
    return index * 80;
  direction: 'alternate',
  loop: true

Live example on CodePen

List of valid animatable properties

Any property can be animated, as long as the property value contains at least one numerical value.

Types Examples
CSS Properties width, borderRadius, 'background-color'
Individual transforms translateX, rotate, scaleY
SVG attributes d, rx, transform
DOM attributes value, volume
Object properties any object property containing at least one number

Property values

Single value

Defines the end value of the animation.

Types Examples Infos
String '100rem' Recommended technique. Will force the animation to use a specific value, but doesn't convert units.
Number 100 Will use default units if possible. Doesn't work with properties that aren't specified in the CSS, or non-numerical values (e.g. margin: auto; left: auto; etc..).


.div {
  width: 20px;

  targets: 'div',
  translateX: '3rem', // Will translate the div from '0rem' to '3rem'
  width: '100', // Will be converted to '100px' because the width is '20px' in the CSS

From To values

Defines the start and end values of the animation.


  targets: 'div',
  translateX: [50, 250] // Will start at 50px and end at 250px

Specific target values

Random values

Property values can be specific to each targeted elements by using a function.

Available function arguments:

Positions Names Infos
1 target The targeted element
2 index The target index (start at 0)


  targets: 'div',
  translateX: function(el, index) {
    return anime.random(50, 100); // Will set a random value from 50 to 100 to each divs

Live example on CodePen

  targets: 'path',
  strokeDashoffset: function(el) {
    var pathLength = el.getTotalLength();
    return [pathLength, 0]; // Will use the exact path length for each targeted path elements

Live example on CodePen

Playback controls

Playback controls

Play, pause, restart and seek the animation.

Names Infos Arguments
.play() Play the animation animation parameters object
.pause() Pause the animation none
.restart() Restart the animation animation parameters object
.seek() Advance in the animation a percentage, or an object {time: 1250}
var myAnimation = anime({
  targets: 'div',
  translateX: 100,
  autoplay: false
});; // Manually play the animation

Live example on CodePen

Motion path

Follow path

Animate the transform properties along an SVG path by using the anime.path() Object.

Transforms compatible with a motion path:

Names Infos
translateX follow the x path coordinate
translateY follow the y path coordinate
rotate follow the path angle value

Notes: IE cannot apply CSS transforms on SVG elements.


var myPath = anime.path('path');

  targets: 'div',
  translateX: myPath,
  translateY: myPath,
  rotate: myPath

Live example on CodePen



Return an array of all active animations objects


anime.speed = x

Change all animations speed (from 0 to 1).

anime.speed = .5; // Will slow down all animations by half of their original speed


Return the complete list of anime.js easing functions



Remove one or multiple targets from the animation.

anime.remove('.item-2'); // Will remove all divs with the class '.item-2'

anime.getValue(target, property)

Get current valid value from an element.

anime.getValue('div', 'translateX'); // Will return '100px'


Generate a random number between two numbers.

anime.random(10, 40); // Will return a random number between 10 and 40


MIT License. © 2016 Julian Garnier.

Big thanks to Animate Plus and Velocity that inspired anime.js API, and jQuery UI from which the easing functions come from.

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