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[beta版]一个用于在浏览器中运用 JavaScript 生成艺术作品的框架




This is in early beta stages, don't expect it to work reliably across versions yet. I'm looking for collaborators and beta testers, so please post an issue if you find any problems or want to help out with this project in some way.


canvas-sketch is a loose collection of tools, modules and resources for creating generative art in JavaScript and the browser.


example of canvas-sketch running in Chrome

Quick Start with Node.js & npm

To jump directly into canvas-sketch, try the following terminal commands.

# Install the CLI tool globally
npm install canvas-sketch-cli -g

# Make a new folder to hold all your generative sketches
mkdir my-sketches

# Move into that folder
cd my-sketches

# Scaffold a new 'sketch.js' file and open the browser
canvas-sketch sketch.js --new --open

While in the browser, hit Cmd + S or Ctrl + S to export a high-resolution PNG of your artwork to your ~/Downloads folder.

Some other commands to try:

# Start the tool on an existing file and change PNG export folder
canvas-sketch src/foobar.js --output=./tmp/

# Start a new sketch from the Three.js template
canvas-sketch --new --template=three --open

# Build your sketch to a sharable HTML + JS website
canvas-sketch src/foobar.js --build

For more features and details, see the Documentation.


There are many features still outstanding, such as:

  • API & CLI Docs
  • Easy & beginner-friendly examples
  • Website/frontend
  • HUD/GUI controls
  • "Gallery Mode" for viewing many local sketches
  • External Module for utilities (randomness, geometry, etc)
  • Unit tests
  • More??


MIT, see for details.

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