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基于 Material 风格的 Bootstrap UI 组件库
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Material Design for Bootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap 4

CDNJS version npm version Bower version

400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, tutorials and many more.

All fully responsive. All compatible with different browsers.

Material Design for Bootstrap (MDB) is a free, powerful Material Design UI KIT for Bootstrap 4. It is one of the most comprehensive material design frameworks that was created to date.

Every day we challenged ourselves to create a visual language for us and our users that combines the classic principles of genuine design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. That's what Material Design is about. Today we combine it with Bootstrap - most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first websites and apps. Bootstrap makes web development way faster and easier regardless of skill levels, devices and projects.

Our framework includes CSS for handling Animations, Colors, Typography, Helpers, Hover effects, Shadows, Icons, Components, and JavaScript. Additionally, it offers Badges, Buttons, Social buttons, Cards, Footer, Forms, Material box, Nabbers, Pagination, Panels, Parallax, Progress bar, Tables, Galleries and JavaScript.


Main demo:

How to install:

You can install MDBootstrap using NPM or Bower:

  • npm install mdbootstrap
  • bower install MDBootstrap

Getting started:

5min Quick Start:

MDBootstrap on CDNJS:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Additional tutorials:

MDB - Bootstrap tutorial:

MDB - Wordpress tutorial:

PRO version:

Material Design for Bootstrap PRO (from $79):


Huge, detailed documentation avilable online on:


Choose among 400+ predefined components. Each component is ready to use and fits perfectly with each other like LEGO bricks. Take, combine, enjoy!.

Material Design for Bootstrap comes with both, compiled, ready to use libraries including all features as well as modules for CSS (SASS files) and JS. That allows you to create your custom library including only elements which you really use in your project.

42 thematic sections
To save your time we have combined our components and prepared thematic sections like blog listings, contact forms, pricing table and much more. Choose, combine and enjoy your website in less than a minute.

10 fresh ready to use templates
We are going further and giving to you ready to use templates! Use them as you like, as an inspiration, prototype or final product for your customers.

Cross-browser compatibility
Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - MDB loves all browsers, all browsers love MDB.

Material Design for Bootstrap comes with both, compiled, ready to use libraries including all features as well as modules for CSS (SASS files) and JS. That allows you to create your custom library including only elements which you really use in your project.

Frequent updates
MDB becomes better every month. We love the project and enhance as much as possible.

Technical support
We really care about reliability. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.

Active community
Our society grows day by day. Visit our forum and check how it is to be a part of our family.

Flex box
MDB fully suppports Flex Box. You can forget about alignment issues.

jQuery 3.2.1
MDB is integrated with newest jQuery, therefore you can use all the newest features which comes along with it.

SASS files
Arrenged and well documented .scss files can't wait until you compile them.

Useful helpers
We are web developers, we really know which issues are the most annoying in our daily work. Helpers included in MDB will solve lot of them and make your life easiers.

Detailed documentation:
We give you detailed documentation at your disposal. It will help you to implement your ideas easily.

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials
We care about development of our users. We have prepared numerous tutorials, which allow you to learn how to use MDB along with other technologies like Bootstrap, WordPress, Angular, Meteor etc.

Free for personal and commercial use
Our license is user friendly. Feel free to use MDB for both private as well as commercial projects.

A big thank you to all our users who are working with us to improve the software. We wouldn't be where we are without you.

Live Preview

Material Design for Bootstrap Material Design for Bootstrap Material Design for Bootstrap Material Design for Bootstrap Material Design for Bootstrap Material Design for Bootstrap

Version logs

MDB 4.4.1

What's new

MDB 4.4.1 brings one major change - integration with freshly released Bootstra 4 beta.

You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account page.

Note 1: If you already use MDB 4.4 beta, there are no breaking changes for you. You can update your project to 4.4.1 without fear of conflict. Backward compatibility is provided.

Note 2: If you use version MDB 4.3.2 or lower - read carefully the detailed list of changes in MDB 4.4 release note. These changes apply to MDB 4.4 and Bootstrap 4 beta as well.

MDB 4.4.0

That's the most significant update in the history of MDBootstrap. Together with the newest Bootstrap, we introduce you a brand new, completely rewritten MDB.

We took a lot of effort to provide a backward compatibility with the previous versions. Nonetheless, some syntax changes are inevitable (mostly caused by Bootstrap changes).

We've prepared a detailed list of syntax changes. The process of migration won't be painful, don't worry. However, we recommend you to read carefully a detailed list of changes. You can find it below.

What's new?

Most important changes (backward compatibility provided):

  • BrandFlow - powerful and free marketing automation and analytics software for Bootstrap projects

  • New, stack-like support forum

  • Completely rewritten, with the highest standards, SASS code

  • Updated and improved JS plugins

  • Unified and simplified syntax

  • Updated jQuery to 3.2.1

  • Customization made easier

  • Improved design

  • Replaced Tether.js with Popper.js

  • Dropped wow.js for our custom library (no syntax changes and fully backward compatibility)

  • New, improved and extended documentation

  • New tutorials updated to MDB 4.4 and Bootstrap Beta

Other changes (backward compatibility provided) :

  • Removed unused variables and classes

  • New, better parallax

  • Updated colors

  • Changed sidenav breakpoint from 910px to 992px

  • Added _custom.scss file for easier sass customization

  • Added new contact forms

  • Added new progress bars

  • Added reset buttons for inputs

  • Introduced gradients

  • Dropped _prefixes.scss for autoprefixer

  • Dropped Normalize.css for Reboot.css (which is actually built upon Normalize.css)

  • Added new cards

  • Improved existing cards

  • Improved enhanced bootstrap modals

  • Improved pricings sections

  • Recreated intros

  • Improved dotted scrollspy

  • Improved sidenav

  • Added new versions of streaks

  • Improved accordion

  • Social list moved to deprecated

  • Improved overlay cards

  • Improved charts

  • Improved charts

Changes that can cause issues to project built with previous versions of MDB:

  • .navbar-expand instead of .navbar-toggleable

  • Removed offset classes, so you should replace offset-- class with ml-*-auto. Read more in the new Grid Documentation

  • Changed values of spacing utilities

  • .card-body instead of .card-block

  • Removed nearly all .hidden- classes in favor of our newer .d- display utilities

  • Renamed .navbard-dark to .navbar-dark

  • .btn-sm and .btn-lg instead of .btn-small and .btn-large for .btn-floating

  • Droped cascading jumbotron for cascading card reverse for sake of syntax simplification and unification.

  • Renamed .btn-mdb to .btn-mdb-color for better naming scheme

Coming soon:

  • MDB Angular Admin Dashboard

  • MDB React

  • MDB Vue

MDB 4.3.2

MDB 4.3.2 brings 2 huge improvements - Enhanced Bootstrap Modals plugin and BrandFlow Software

EBM (Enhanced Bootstrap Modals) is a powerful plugin which extends functionality and features of the standard Bootstrap plugin.

Static UI elements aren't enough in modern web development. Enhanced Bootstrap Modals lets you create a dynamic and reactive environment similarly to the websites and apps of the biggest companies.

It can enhance UI of your projects and let you create Automated Rule and Scoring system, Related Content system, Shopping Carts Recovery system and much more.

Note: Enhanced Bootstrap Modals are part of both MDB Free and MBD Pro.

You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account page.

Note 2: MDB 4.3.2 is fully compatible with MDB 4.3.1 and you can update it without fear of any conflict.

What's new?
-New option for inputs: Small Inputs
-New List Style Types

MDB 4.3.1

What's new?

MDBootstrap 4.3.1 is just a small update with many bugs fixes.


-Dropdowns & dropdowns animations -Horizontal steppers bug -Navbar items padding -Split buttons -Hamburger fix for Firefox ...and many many more!

MDB 4.3.0

What's new?

MDBootstrap 4.3.0 is here! It is one of the biggest updates of Material Design for Bootstrap.

Most important: Integration with Bootstrap 4 alpha-6 and Flexbox


-Removed gradients for IE
-Product Cards


-Smooth Scroll
-Free and pro templates
-Coding performance
-Text inputs
-Design performance
-Dropped IE9 Support
-Flexbox grid
-Progress bars

New components:

-New skins
-Social Section
-Slack buttons
-Alternate version of input

Syntax changes:

-Dropped -xs infix
-.tag renamed to .badge instead of > .dropdown-menu instead of .open > .dropdown-menu

MDB 4.2.0

What's new?

MDBootstrap 4.2.0 has arrived two months after MDB 4.1.1 with new components, major improvements, and bugs fixes.

Most important: Integration with Bootstrap 4 alpha-5 and jQuery 3.1.1


-Blinking cursor within Material Select on iOS
-Added width to group list


-Free and pro templates
-Code performance
-Font styles

New components:

-Dotted scrollspy
-Classic tabs
-Stack Overflow button
-Edge Headers
-New gallery
-Vertical-align utilities with .align-top, .align-middle, and more
-New skins: pink, light grey

Syntax changes:

-.btn-outline-* instead of .btn-*-outline
-Simpler margin and padding syntax (e.g. .mx-auto instead of m-x-auto)
-.rounded and .rounded-circle instead of .img-rounded and .img-circle
-.float-*-* instead of .pull-*-*

MDB 4.1.1

What's new?

It's Small but important update which integrates MDB with the latest alpha version of Bootstrap 4.


-Bug with dropdown colors inside the Navbar

Improved: class to keep Fixed Navbar fixed only on large screens

New components:

-Bootstrap 4 update

-.offset-*-* instead of col-*-offset-*
-New markup for breadcrumb
-.tag instead of label

MDB 4.1.0

What's new?

Kicking off an exciting summer with another Material Design for Bootstrap 4.1.0 software update.

Our tech team tinker away daily to develop new features, fix bugs, and make sure we’re delivering the best possible quality. While we believe all our updates are important, some are more ‘sexier’ than others. Release 4.1.0 is definitely one of them. The upgrade makes it significantly easier (yeah, we also didn't believe that can be possible until now ;)) to develop your websites and apps. With separate bugs fixes, 10 improvements, 500+ new components categories and brand new elements like 42 new sections, 10 fresh templates, and 17 documentation chapters will make August really exciting.

Note: Please read carefully entire release notes. Please DO NOT UPDATE your production environments without testing changes on your development/test environments as new updates brings a lot of changes within syntax. Unfortunately, some of them were not able to make them backward compatible, therefore, please read carefully the following post to verify whether changes may affect your project directly.

You can download new version of MDB Free on our HomePage and for MDB Pro from your account.


-Prevent collapse of accordion menu in sidenav on page load
-btn-block alignment
-"word-wrap" for buttons with long text


-Waves effect for nav icons
-Typography responsivness
-Multi-item carousel responsivness
-Better DataPicker
-Better Material Select
-Better SideNav
-Better DoubleNavigation
-Better Navbars
-Better Accordion
-Many small design improvements

New components:

-Page layouts
-Regular buttons
-Social buttons
-Overlay cards
-Cascading cards
-New dropdowns
-New Navbars
-New Tabs & Pills
-New Pagination
-New Material Selects

New sections ( we've replaced "sets" with "sections"):

-4 Blog listings
-2 Contact sections
-5 Product sections
-5 pricing sections
-4 Features sections
-7 Intros
-3 Magazine newsfeeds
-4 Projects sections
-4 Team sections
-4 Testimonials section

New templates:

-E-commerce HomePage
-Product Page
-Blog HomePage
-Blog Post
-7 new Landing Pages

New documentation:

-Bootstrap grid
-Page layouts
-E-commerce components
-Blog components
-Material select
-Intros sections
-Blog sections
-Magazine sections
-E-commerce sections
-Features sections
-Testimonials sections
-Team sections
-Contact sections

MDB 4.0.1

What's new?

This is the first update for MDB4 and Bootstrap 4. You can download new version of MDB Free on our HomePage and for MDB Pro from your account.


-SideNav issue with draging-out on mobile
-Fixed action button issue on mobile
-Input button transparency issue
-Material select issue with flickering on Firefox
-Multiple DatePickers issue
-Waves effect in Navbar's links issue
-_footer.scss and _variables.scss file issue with sass to css compilation


-Preloading script


-Video background
-Removed blue buttons outline added by default by Google Chrome
-Changed property overflow: hidden to overflow: visible for .card
-Changed html markup for reveal animations in Card
-Improved padding and animation in Rotating Card
-Updated script for touch gestures

Useful Links:

Getting started:

5 min quick start:

Material Design + Bootstrap Tutorial:

Material Design + WordPress Tutorial:


Premium Templates:

Social Media:







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