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类似 Excel 数据表格的 react 组件

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A simple react component to create a spreadsheet.

Demo here:

Examples are located in

Current features:

  • Select cells, copy-paste cells
  • Navigation using keyboard keys
  • Deletion using keyboard keys
  • Callbacks for onChange, valueRenderer(visible data)
  • dataRenderer(underlying data in the input, takes the value by default)


Install from npm:

$ npm install react-datasheet --save

Import in your project:

import ReactDataSheet from 'react-datasheet';
// Be sure to include styles at some point, probably during your bootstrapping
import 'react-datasheet/lib/react-datasheet.css';


React-Datasheet generates a table with the cells. Double-clicking or typing edits the value and if changed, initiates an onChange callback.

The data provided should be an array of rows, and each row should include the cells.

Basic Usage

class App extends React.Component {
  constructor (props) {
    this.state = {
      grid: [
        [{value:  1}, {value:  3}],
        [{value:  2}, {value:  4}]
  render () {
    return (
        valueRenderer={(cell) => cell.value}
        onChange={(cell, colI, rowJ, value) => 
            grid: => 
                (rowCell == cell) ? ({value: value}) : rowCell

Cells with underlying data

There are two values that each cell shows. The first is via valueRenderer and the second is via dataRenderer. When a cell is in edit mode, it will show the value returned from dataRenderer. It needs to return a string as this value is set in an input field. Each of these callbacks are passed the cell value as well as the cell's coordinates in the spreadsheet. This allows you to apply formatting logic at rendering time, such as all cells in the third column should be formatted as dates.

const grid = [
   [{value:  5, expr: '1 + 4'}, {value:  6, expr: '6'}, {value: new Date('2008-04-10')}],
   [{value:  5, expr: '1 + 4'}, {value:  5, expr: '1 + 4'}, {value: new Date('2004-05-28')}]
const onChange = (cell, i, j, newValue) => console.log("New expression :" + newValue)
  valueRenderer={(cell, i, j) => j == 2 ? cell.value.toDateString() : cell.value}
  dataRenderer={(cell, i, j) => j == 2 ? cell.value.toISOString() : cell.expr}

Cells with underlying component

const grid = [
    value:  5, 
      component: ( 
        <button onClick={() => console.log("clicked")}}>
  valueRenderer={(cell) => cell.value}

This renders a single cell with the value 5. Once in edit mode, the button will appear.


Option Type Description
data Array Array of rows and each row should contain the cell objects to display
valueRenderer func Method to render the value of the cell function(cell, i, j). This is visible by default
dataRenderer func Method to render the underlying value of the cell function(cell, i, j). This data is visible once in edit mode.
overflow 'wrap'|'nowrap'|'clip' Grid default for how to render overflow text in cells
onChange func onChange handler: function(cell, i, j, newValue) {}
onPaste func onPaste handler: function(array) {} If set, the function will be called with an array of rows. Each row has an array of objects containing the cell and raw pasted value. If the pasted value cannot be matched with a cell, the cell value will be undefined
onContextMenu func Context menu handler : function(event, cell, i, j)

Cell Options

The cell object is what gets passed back to the onChange callback. They can contain the following options as well

Option Type Default Description
readOnly Bool false Cell will never go in edit mode
key String undefined By default, each cell is given the key of col number and row number. This would override that key
className String undefined Additional class names for cells.
component ReactElement undefined Insert a react element or JSX to this field. This will render on edit mode
forceComponent bool false Renders what's in component at all times, even when not in edit mode
disableEvents bool false Makes cell unselectable and read only
colSpan number 1 The colSpan of the cell's td element
rowSpan number 1 The rowSpan of the cell's td element
width number or String undefined Sets the cell's td width using a style attribute. Number is interpreted as pixels, strings are used as-is. Note: This will only work if the table does not have a set width.
overflow 'wrap'|'nowrap'| 'clip' undefined How to render overflow text. Overrides grid-level overflow option.
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