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Blueprint CircleCI

Blueprint is a React UI toolkit for the web.

It is optimized for building complex, data-dense web interfaces for desktop applications. If you rely heavily on mobile interactions and are looking for a mobile-first UI toolkit, this may not be for you.

More frequently asked questions are answered on the wiki.


This repository contains multiple projects in the packages/ directory that are distributed as separate packages on NPM:

npm – Core styles & components.

npm – Components for interacting with dates and times.

npm – Scalable interactive table component.

The other packages (docs and landing) are not published to NPM as they are used to build the documentation site.


We use Lerna to manage inter-package dependencies in this monorepo. Builds are orchestrated via Gulp tasks.

Prerequisite: Node.js v6 or v7

  1. git clone this repository (or fork if you lack permissions)
  2. npm install to install build dependencies
  3. npm run bootstrap to install and link each package using Lerna
  4. npm run gulp to compile and start the server and watcher
  5. Open your browser to localhost:9000/packages/docs/dist/


Looking for places to contribute to the codebase? Check out the Status: accepting PRs label.

Read about our contribution guidelines and development practices to give your PR its best chance at getting merged.


This project is made available under the Apache 2.0 License.

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