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Photoshop script that converts layer effects to CSS string in one click. It supports shadows, glows, gradient & color overlay, stroke, text-shadow & text-color and other.

Photoshop extension that converts layer properties to CSS

The script is still in development

Besides, makes a plenty of other goods, as listed below.

But for now it is far from use. Currently developing graphics library – the basis for this plugin.


  • Shadown and glows ⇝ box-shadow.
    Support of blending modes!
  • Overlays and layer fill ⇝ merged background.
  • Recognized rectangle ⇝ border-radius, transform, width and height.
  • Not rectangle vector mask ⇝ SVG in background: url(data:image/svg+xml,…).
  • Pattern fill ⇝ background: url(data:image/png,…)
  • Character & Paragraph ⇝ font-* & text-*.
  • Multiple selected layers ⇝ composite style.
  • Optional browser prefixes, color formats and other settings.


  1. Wait while developed and participate if you wish
  2. Install Photoshopr.exp as extension
  3. Open WindowExtensionsPhotoshopr
  4. Select layer and press Get CSS


I didn’t think about it yet. So, if you want to take it for free – you’re welcomed!

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