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构建在 BootStrap 4 之上的免费的 HTML 控制面板框架
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Tabler - Admin panel made simple

Premium and Open Source dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI. For Free!

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About Tabler

We’ve created this admin panel for everyone who wants to create any templates based on our ready components. Our mission is to deliver a user-friendly, clear and easy administration panel, that can be used by both, simple websites and sophisticated systems. The only requirement is a basic HTML and CSS knowledge—as a reward, you'll be able to manage and visualize different types of data in the easiest possible way!

After using many of different admin panels, no matter free or paid, we've noticed they all had a lot of defects—and the main one was resource intensity. They were loading loads of useless components that you wouldn't ever use, so we've decided to choose a different way. The whole system is plugin-based, what means that you have a control over what is needed and what not.

To make the system works fast and reliable, we've converted most of the components to CSS. Thanks to this, you don't have to load a lot of unnecessary libraries into your browser what really boosts the overall speed.

Getting Started

Download ZIP or Git Clone

git clone

Setup environment

To use our build system and run our documentation locally, you'll need a copy of Tabler's source files and Node. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Node.js, which we use to manage our dependencies.
  2. Navigate to the root /tabler directory and run npm install to install our local dependencies listed in package.json.
  3. Install Ruby, install Bundler with gem install bundler, and finally run bundle install. This will install all Ruby dependencies, such as Jekyll and plugins.

    Windows users: Read this guide to get Jekyll up and running without problems.

When completed, you'll be able to run the various commands provided from the command line.

Build Tabler

  1. From the root /tabler directory, run npm run serve in the command line.
  2. Open http://localhost:4000 in your browser, and voilà.
  3. Any change in /src directory will build application and refresh the page.

Warning! all changes made in _site/ folder would be overwritten on application build.

Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Please open a new issue.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari Opera
Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ 11+ ✔ 9.1+ ✔ Latest ✔


Paweł Kuna

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2018 the Tabler Authors and Code released under the MIT License.

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