angular.js 15,38,23,36,51,29,23,26,20


react 66,81,99,120,115,118,55,53,88

Facebook 推出的一款声明式的,高效的,灵活的用于创建用户接口的JavaScript 库

vue 55,141,124,106,130,120,64,83,129

一个用以创建用户接口的直观、快速、简洁的 MVVM 框架

backbone 1,-4,3,-2,11,9,3,4,6

给你的 JS 应用一些Backbone的模型、视图、集合和事件

ember.js 4,7,11,8,9,8,10,4,7

Ember.js - A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

immutable-js 17,19,24,26,27,21,15,16,28

Immutable persistent data collections for Javascript which increase efficiency and simplicity.

flux 8,5,10,3,8,3,5,4,3


riot 5,3,6,9,5,3,3,5,3

A React-like, user interface library

ant-design 6,50,59,45,24,29,15,11,31

一套企业级的 UI 设计语言

knockout 3,-1,2,-1,3,4,3,4,7

Knockout makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript

Aurelia 10,6,6,9,20,9,8,7,7

The aurelia framework brings together all the required core aurelia libraries into a ready-to-go application-building platform.

inferno 60,150,134,66,58,58,53,49,0

一个快速的、类似 React 的 JavaScript 框架,用以同时在服务端和客户端构建高性能的用户接口