electron 160,0,101,29,45,60,65,66,32

利用 web 技术构建跨平台的桌面程序

cheerio 19,0,30,11,16,12,15,17,8

Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.

faker.js 33,0,14,5,12,16,9,9,5

generate massive amounts of fake data in Node.js and the browser

gifify 10,1,7,5,0,19,3,0,6

将任意的视频文件转换为动态 GIF 图片的工具

node-opencv 10,0,6,1,3,2,1,1,2

OpenCV Bindings for node.js

nodegit 10,0,7,1,4,4,8,3,2

Native Node bindings to Git.

dotenv 10,0,8,6,5,7,4,10,2

Loads environment variables from .env for nodejs projects.

scrape-it 8,2,4,2,4,3,4,0,1

一个 Node.js 的易于人阅读的信息提取器

node-semver 8,0,0,2,3,3,2,6,1

The semver parser for node (the one npm uses)

alex 4,5,3,0,1,1,0,-2,-1

Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

node-webworker-threads 3,0,2,1,1,2,1,1,1

Lightweight Web Worker API implementation with native threads

execa 1,0,0,1,2,-1,0,0,0

A better `child_process`

node-pre-gyp -1,0,1,1,0,-1,1,0,0

Node.js tool for easy binary deployment of C++ addons

opn 1,0,-1,0,2,3,2,3,0

A better node-open. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.