Awesomes API

Open API

Request path

Request method


Request parameters

Name Type Required Parameter position Description Default value
owner string yes urlParam GiHub repo's owner name no
name string yes urlParam GiHub repo's name no
owner string no urlParam The return content format markdown

Response JSON

code: 1, #state,0:success,1: didn't find the repo
owner: params[:owner],
name: params[:name],
has_zh: !_item.about_zh.blank?,#whether exist chinese readme,this is boolen
readme: _item.about_zh #chinese readme

Check it on baidu api store or just visit

Add a icon to your repo for Chinese translation offer a chinese translation for English project used by chinese users.You can add this icon to your preoject .

This will let chinese developers use the English project more easily,and let more developers join us to translate more github open projects.

Just add the following text to your repo's file


Change the link to your repo's path in the format[your github user name]/[your repo name]

How to keep up-to-date

No matter you are the owner of the repo or just a common user, once you find the original readme is outdated, you can find the link click to tell me at the bottom of the repo(readme in EN), just click and we will recive a notify. Then we will update the readme and chinese translation immediately.

This link is to[owner name]/[repo name]/notify So you can just visit the url.